Good bye May! I can almost taste the freedom of summer time upon us. This month, I have been rapidly sorting through my wardrobe and scouting what I want to keep, donate and upcycle. I love taking old pieces that have faded to the back of my closet, and giving them a little…face lift!

I have also been known to troll the thrift stores and apps, searching for that well loved piece of clothing, just waiting to be shown a new life.

Today, I am going to take an old denim jacket and give it a little make over! Nothing crazy, but just the reno in needs to get it ready for Summer 2021. There are so many ways that you can upcycle clothing – different clothing  trends that people are trying, and so I thought…let me try!


I’ve been pretty into (what I feel like are known as) “Gen-Z” trends…I love the patches, embroidery, patterned aesthetic (think, Olivia Rodrigo) and although I am not considered to be “Gen-Z”…I am embracing it because, well, why not?

The only thing is…I also love a good Cricut Iron-On project. So voila…meet my take on this era of cutesy and styled fashion!

Here is what you need for this DIY:


Launch Cricut Design Space and create a new project. There are many different daisy images in the Cricut Access library, that you can use. However, for this project, I used my iPad to doodle a daisy on Procreate, and then uploaded it into Design Space.

My daisy design has three parts, which require three different iron-on materials. (1) Outer petals (White), (2) Inner petals (White Glitter), and (3) Center (Yellow).


For this project, I placed one single daisy on the canvas, and increased the copy number to 20. Like many printed and patterned projects that I have done before (like this “Kissed Crewneck” I did for Valentine’s Day), I wanted to manually place the daisies on my jacket to control how spaced and minimalistic the pattern looked.

Each daisy is 1.97″W x 1.95″H – I was going for that minimal look. On a denim jacket, less is more (in my opinion). \

I used three different materials for this project, for the three parts of the flower (detailed above). My goal was to create a patched look by layering the different iron-on vinyl (glitter and everyday).


Once your daisies have cut, weed the excess vinyl, leaving your daisy on the transfer sheet. In comparison to my other projects, this project was incredibly simple (and satisfying!!) to weed! I use my essential tools for weeding, no matter how difficult or easy the project is. I gravitate more to using the weeding tool, but for smaller projects, the tweezers can also be super helpful!!

When you have all three parts of your daisy weeded, start to plan where you want to iron them on!


I’m not going to lie to you…ironing on to denim takes patience. Denim material isn’t like cotton or a cotton-poly blend. It is a harder material, and sometimes the HTV doesn’t stick automatically. Don’t give up though!!

After I had found all of my placements and had a general plan of where each daisy was going to go, I got my space prepped. I always lay down a towel for large projects. It just gives me reassurance that the surface underneath is protected, and allows me to cover more area at a time!! Usually, you would heat your EasyPress 2 according to the “Heating Guide“, however, denim is not included. I dug around Pinterest and other blog posts, and found the average heat recommended was around 350°, pressing for 30 seconds, so that’s what I followed!

Disclaimer: Using white vinyl on denim can cause some bleeding of the blue dye depending on your jacket brand

Heat up the denim for 5-7 seconds. Place the first component of your daisy and press for 30 seconds. When the timer is up, allow it to cool completely, before peeling the transfer sheet away slowly. Be patient and if you notice the material has not pressed on completely, press again for 15 seconds.

Tip: I found it easy to iron on the white HTV first, and then press the white glitter iron-on vinyl over top. Glitter iron-on is much thicker than everyday iron-on, and so the weight holds it down.

Follow this same process for each component of your daisy, including the Glitter Iron-On, and the yellow center of the flower.

Trust. The. Process. (Best piece of advice that I can give you with denim projects).

I’m really glad that I kept going with this project because I am so in love with the result. Talk about taking drab to fab! Peep me in this daisy denim on summer evenings: coming soon.

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.

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