Happy Holidays everyone! The Christmas season is in full swing, and I am right into it. Gift-wrapping, multiple orders on Amazon, social distanced family visits…the works!! I am also loving my Cricut right now, and might I say, it is getting quite the workout!

In fact, this past weekend, it was going constantly, and one of those “mini-projects” (as I like to call them) is what I am sharing with you today! One of my favourite uses for my Cricut Explore Air 2 is the fact that I can upcycle a piece of clothing and turn it into something cute! I am trying to be more sustainable and seasonal sweatshirts are my favourite way to practice!

Here is what you need for this DIY:


Open Cricut Design Space and create a new project. Using a typewriter font (or whatever font you choose), type out what you want to say! I chose “merry.” after seeing some cute inspiration on Pinterest. I also like that it isn’t totally Christmas themed, it’s just a really fun positive word!


Once you have your basic type text design, attach the letters to ensure it cuts exactly the way you designed it and prep your mat! I typically use the strong grip mat (green) to cut HTV (Iron-On) on, but in a pinch, I have used the light grip mat (blue). Whenever you are working with HTV, there are two very important and key steps: Mirror your design and always face the shiny side of your vinyl down. In this case, with patterned vinyl, it will be the patterned side of the vinyl that goes face down. Once you have double-checked those two key steps, follow the prompts in Design Space, load the mat, and voila! Now, weed away the negative parts of your design, leaving just your type text design.


If you have gone with a simple type text design, this will be a quick cut. However, you might as well start to warm up your EasyPress 2. Turn it on and using the “Heating Guide“, set your EasyPress’ settings appropriately. Based on the material you are working with, the temperature and time will be different.

While the EasyPress is heating up, prepare your pressing space! There are two options when you use the EasyPress, and it depends on the size of your project. My blank sweatshirt for this project was much bigger than the EasyPress mat. I didn’t want to risk pressing it off centre, or wonky, so I used a towel so that I could really spread the sweatshirt out.

Once your space is prepped, heat your blank up for 5-7 seconds. Lay out your type text design where you want it to be ironed on. When you are pleased with the placement, take your heated EasyPress and press down, following the Heating Guide guidelines. Once time is up, let everything cool. Then slowly peel away the plastic, leaving the design freshly pressed on the blank.


Be proud of your creation!! This sweatshirt that I made this weekend is SUPER SIMPLE. I probably did it in…20 minutes? I couldn’t be happier and I feel so festive, without going overboard!

Could it get any easier? Stay tuned for more holiday projects! Christmas in quarantine means the Cricut is getting a good workout this month!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.