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I have really changed my shopping game over the past few years. Taking on a lot of new responsibilities as being…well, y’know, an adult…has honestly put a halt to a lot of my spending. If I am being really honest, I don’t really go shopping anymore.

However, I love to browse and window shop. It’s still shopping if you don’t actually spend money…isn’t it?

Well, today, I want to share a few of my favourite places that I like to pick up pieces (when I actually do spend some $$$). The majority of the time, I hit the thrift stores. I am all about sustainable fashion, and my wallet doesn’t hate it either…but there are some days where you can’t find what you’re looking for…

And therefore, I turn to alternative options.

Online shopping at Urban Planet

Online shopping at Shein

Warning: These options are definitely not sustainable…and I realize that.

1. Urban Planet

I do love a good UP sale…probably because they always have one going. You can hop online and find your key basics that you need for any season. This is also a great place to find trendy clothing for cheap prices, because well…who wants to drop a ton of cash on a trend that lasts for 5 min…not me.

Their new arrivals are so cute, and I have been “fake shopping” them for days. Honestly though (against my mother’s advice), I will probably place an order soon…


2. Shein

I don’t care what people say, but Shein is awesome. Again, not high quality clothing…but in all fairness, how can you expect good quality when you are paying $5? You can’t. So again, this online store will satisfy your shopping needs, and provide you with those trendy pieces at a small cost.

I can never go wrong with Shein, and although this is not a sponsored shoutout, I have worked with them in the past. In fact, I haven’t actually ever paid for something from Shein, but the pieces that I do have (which I will link here), are great quality and still pieces I wear to this day. I may just need to use them this summer…


3. Facebook Marketplace/Varage Sale

Am I crazy for including this in this round up? Maybe…but honestly, this is usually the FIRST place that I look for things when I feel I need them. To all of you out there who are not using these two sites/apps (whatever you want to call them), you either have money to spend, or maybe you are just out of tune. This is the next best thing to thrift shops because it’s like a giant thrift shop on your phone…and I am not shy to admit this is my go-to store online!!

(I also now realize I should put this at number one…but meh)

4. Amazon Fashion Canada

I have had a Prime account for years and it certainly does pay off. I order a lot from Amazon and on occasion I will hit them up for clothing as well. Unfortunately, my biggest problem with Amazon Canada is that they just don’t have the deals that the Amazon USA does. It truly is a shame, but if you are willing to look really hard (which who isn’t during a pandemic), you can find some cute stuff.

I have sifted through the pages and pulled some of my favourites from my wish list that you can shop from my store below…



There we go! Like I said, I really am not doing a lot of shopping…but when I get that urge, I usually don’t want to spend money. I may do a haul soon if I do end up placing an order (worst fashion blogger ever!!).

Do it for the blog…am I right?


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