This happens every year…we get a wave of good, warm Spring weather. Then we get his with another round of snow, and cool temperatures. Which makes it very important to have layers. I am not a world class expert on layering…in fact, I do the bare minimum. I layer for warmth, not style…but today, I put together a semi-stylish (and of course, comfy) layered look for these cool temps we are getting.


Knit Turtleneck: Urban Planet (similarĀ here) / Overalls: Z Supply / Leopard Puffer: Thrifted (similar here) / Shoes: SkechersĀ 

I have been trying to get outside a few times a day. I don’t love going for walks…to be honest they don’t make me happy and I would rather be doing something else. However, I love taking pictures, sitting out and reading…and enjoying the sunshine. Which is why I feel very fortunate to have a nice back deck to take in those rays on cooler, but sunny days!

I picked up this leopard puffer at a thrift shop a few months ago. I fully intended to sport this during winter…but honestly? It’s not an incredibly warm winter coat. It does make a perfect spring transition coat…and in this case, is a great layering piece for Spring!

In this look, I layered twice. I have my knit turtleneck underneath a cozy pair of cloth overalls…and then to top it all off? My leopard puffer. All three layers keep me nice and toasty in this cool weather, and the layered look makes me feel like I am maintaining an element of style…that isn’t sweatpants.

Trying to keep up the fashion game is really not a priority in the house right now. However, what it does is keeps spirits high and puts a smile on my face! Getting dressed in the morning also just all-around makes you feel BETTER! Anyone with me?



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