Cropped, Cozy and Casual

I don’t know about you guys, but I am going a tad stir crazy. In fact, I have gone so crazy, that I have actually started changing my Bitmoji to my daily outfits. I mean, whatever motivates me to put pants on in the morning, right?


Cropped Sweatshirt: American Eagle (similar here) / Jeans: Urban Planet – IBIZA / Shoes: Skechers 

A few days ago, I actually had a date!! It was a social distancing date, and it was my loving boyfriend of three years, but it’s the first date I have been on in…a little over a month! I decided to look decently okay…to the point that I did my eyebrows (which I never do). So of course, I had to document the look I sported.

If you know me, you know that I put cozy over everything when it comes to my outfits. There are a lot of sweaters, jogger pants, sneakers (especially sneakers)…and honestly, it works! I am really loving my look for today’s post.

Unfortunately, on the day of my big social distancing date, it was kind of cloudy and rainy. Which kind of makes you want to be even more cozy, but I was determined to maintain the cuteness, and so I paired a cropped sweatshirt with a pair of my favourite high-waisted jeans! I get them from Urban Planet -“IBIZA” style – and they are seriously my favourite jeans. If you have a curvy figure, they are your best friend because not only do they hide everything, they are also super stretchy so you can actually move in them (bonus!!).

Of course, I topped off my look with my favourite sneakers from Skechers. I got these at an event that I went to last summer and they are honestly the best pair of sneakers that I own right now. I practically pair them with every look.

We met in a parking lot about halfway between our places, and we had so much fun! Of course, in this day in age, there are so many tools to stay connected during times like these, but physical face to face time is always better than virtual!



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