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When I first got into blogging, I was introduced to so many different things. I had followed so many different bloggers (back when they were called¬†bloggers and not “influencers”) who gave me so many great tips at how to dress properly. They truly helped me improve my style and actually¬†care about what I was wearing…

To this day, I have my go-to bloggers that still motivate me day in and day out. One of the things I learned about early on through this community: Pantone. You may have never heard of Pantone…and to be honest, I hadn’t either before I began blogging.

I don’t really know what Pantone is. I think of it as a hub for all things colour. It’s where I go to see what colour palettes are in style, which colours go really well together, and I love seeing what the colour of the year!

Pantone Colour of the Year: Classic Blue

This year, Pantone has chosen “classic blue” to be their colour of the year. Above, I have pulled some of my favourite blue items that are out in stores right now. What better a time than now to shop online and get all of those trendy, in style pieces?

I am definitely more of a “pink” gal, but I don’t shy away from sporting blue as the focus colour of many of my looks. In fact, I have blue eyes, and I often find that when I where blue, my eyes just POP! Blue is such a beautiful colour, and really any shade is fine with me…but this particular shade is just gorgeous!

Of course, I don’t live my life by the colour of the year, but it’s nice to have a resource that allows you to see what trends are in and what colours go with what.

What is your go-to colour right now?

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