It’s spring time which means…SPRING CLEANING! I feel like I am constantly looking for opportunities to weed my closet. However, in the spring I get this itch. I just want to buy all of the springy clothing pieces! It doesn’t matter how many I have already, I love the feeling of bringing home a fresh new piece to add to my closet.

Unfortunately, it’s not plausible to keep every single piece of clothing. Quite honestly, you should be donating any clothing that you haven’t worn all year. So today, I am going through my closet and I’m pulling out 5 types of clothing that you need to get rid of from your wardrobe…like now.

1. If you have any shirts that have lost their shape/have stains…get rid of them. 

There is no use in keeping shirts that have no shape left or impossible stains to get out. Yes, they may be comfortable…but they don’t serve a good purpose anymore. Especially if they are basic tees that can be replaced. Put them in the donate pile! You don’t need them clogging up your wardrobe!

2. Clothing that is too small.

Do you have a pair of pants that you love that used to fit? Me too. Unfortunately, we could hang on to them in hopes that we are that size again one day…but the reality is, is if they have been sitting in your wardrobe for over a year, then you don’t need them nor will you miss them. Pass them along. You will find a new favourite pair of jeans that fit you in all of the right places!

3. Take a hard look at your shoes…

Shoes are a big problem for me. I love a pair for a period of time and wear them to death. Then, I put them away and forget about them. This is a good time to look carefully at your shoes. Look at the soles, the toes, and the overall condition of them. If they look rough, it’s time to take them to the thrift shop!

4. Review your accessories and give it some thought. 

If you’re like me, you have a lot of accessories that you probably never wear. When I started blogging, I was big into costume jewelry. I loved chunky necklaces, earrings, and layered bracelets. However, as I have gotten older, I haven’t loved having all of it on – it’s a lot. I have a few key pieces that I love and wear on occasion, but not every day. Anything cheap and broken, get rid of. Anything you really hate but haven’t looked at it in a while, get rid of it.

5. Ditch those old sweatpants with holes. 

Sweats and lounge wear tends to be a category that we hold on to. I have tons of sweatpants and sweatshirts because I love to be comfy. However, those really old sweatpants with the holes in the crotch…need to go. They may have your school logo on them, or something significant…but trust me. You don’t need to be dedicating your precious closet space to clothing with holes in it. Pass it along, or cut up into rags!

**sigh** I always feel so much better after I do a good wardrobe cleanse. I try and do this more than once a year, and often I do it on the go. But like everyone, I do tend to hang onto things for silly reasons, and I have been trying to be better at letting clothing go.

After all, it is just clothing.

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