Upgrading my Vision with Rossland Optical

Getting into my adulthood, I have started to learn how important it is to keep up with your health. Now, this may seem like a simple concept for most people, but transitioning from being a student to a full blown working adult is well, overwhelming (to say the least!). Vision care was always something that ranked low on my list of priorities. Especially when I was in school as there were no benefits to get me what I needed (and badly!).

As I’ve started getting older, I’ve noticed my vision getting worse. I have had glasses since I was fourteen and been through the bad lenses and the even worse lenses. Plus, style was never a major consideration because cost was always the top priority when getting a new pair of glasses.

It wasn’t until May of last year, where I felt completely comfortable and encouraged to get new glasses. New glasses that I loved style wise, but also did what glasses are supposed to do: improve your vision. After attending an event hosted by Inspired by Rossland Optical, and actually getting to try on their selection of beautiful frames, I couldn’t get it off my mind.

Of course, once it was confirmed that I not only had a full-time teaching position (that came with benefits that is), I started to consider getting a new pair of frames + lenses. Once I got that on my mind, it was like all of my vision issues came right to the forefront…I needed to make a change.

To put it in perspective, before sitting down for my consultation with Dana, I had been rocking the same glasses for 5+ years. In fact, it wasn’t until I finally got my new lenses in that I realized…I really wasn’t seeing anything clearly.

But let’s back up here because I didn’t just get new glasses. I got a personal, comfortable, and amazing experience selecting my stylish frames, and my road to finding my perfect pair was simple.

Gathering a selection of frames.

I had no idea what to expect when I arrived for my consultation. In fact, I was downright nervous. Honestly? Selecting something as personal and crucial to your look, like glasses, gives me a lot of anxiety. What would look good on me? Should I dare to try something new? What colour should I go for? All of these worries and questions evaporated as soon as we started the process.

When you sit down, right from the beginning, you go through how your glasses are apart of your life. What do you use them for? How will they be affected and used throughout your day-to-day activities. I am a kindergarten teacher. Naturally, I spend a lot of time bent over or on the floor (tying shoe laces, doing up zippers…). You need frames and glasses that will fit your needs…and Dana puts a lot of emphasis on that.

Once Dana knows what you need, the try-on session begins! Dana makes sure that the frames you select fit your facial shape, fit your style, and even throws in some daring options so you can take risks if you want to!

We tried a lot of frames, and ultimately, I went with a similar style that I was used to, but in a colour that completely matched the undertone of my skin. I must say, Dana knows what she is talking about and doesn’t hesitate to give you her opinion and tells you what looks best – something that I definitely need since I can be so indecisive.

Selecting my new glasses.

I tried on many pairs of frames, and when it came down to selecting a pair, it was difficult. Fortunately, Dana helped me narrow down my choices and highlighted the things that I had said were important to me. In fact, we did a process of elimination where I was faced with two similar pairs and I had to pick one. This was immensely helpful because without missing a beat, I was able to select between two pairs, instead of looking at an array of four or five and getting overwhelmed with the choice.

Once you select your frames, Dana does extensive measuring, making sure everything fits properly. She finished up, placed the order…and then we moved on to sunglasses.

Add on the sunnies.

I have never owned a pair of sunglasses I like. In fact, I have always opted for the cheapies from the mall that I wear either with no prescription (hello blind me!) or with contacts (which I don’t wear often). However, what better time than when getting a new pair of stylish frames, then to get a pair of sunnies that I will wear and can actually see out of?

Fortunately, I had already gotten a feel for the different styles, and what I actually ended up doing was selecting the frames I loved second best in my glasses, for my sunglasses! Win, win!

The Overall Experience

After it was all said and done, I was so pleased. Sitting down with Dana at Inspired by Rossland Optical is not only informative, but it’s a relaxing and pleasant experience.

Not only is the space beautiful, they also have an area to grab a coffee while waiting for your appointment!

I can’t tell you how comfortable I felt with Dana throughout the whole process. It definitely was eye opening (haha!) in that there are many different components to consider when upgrading your vision!

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