Beautiful Bedroom Inspiration

I am finding that as I approach the middle of my twenties, I am in a constant state of transition. Recently, I moved back into my parents’ house. So often I think twenty-somethings, like me, dream about this independent lifestyle (especially after university) and then realize how expensive it actually is to be completely independent from your parents.

Unfortunately, I cannot call myself independent just yet. That is where I have been struggling with this weird student-to-adult transition. Moving home, I came back to a bedroom full of stuffed animals, old posters, and CLUTTER!!! To say the least, I have a lot of work ahead of me, so that has to lead me to this.

Two words: BEDROOM. MAKEOVER. I have been talking about it for a while, but never seriously considered it. Why? Well, first of all, I was living in an entirely different place, so why makeover something I am not spending time in? All the more reason to begin the process now! Firstly, I think I’ll look at my old bedding and maybe consider buying a new one. This would be a hefty expense, I know! A friend suggested that I might be able to learn about the best mattresses available at affordable prices by reading something such as a Noa Mattress review. Nonetheless, since it might take time, let me start with something simple.

In order to kick off my bedroom makeover, I am going to showcase a few different looks and styles I found on Pinterest. What’s a makeover without a little inspiration, right? I’ve looked on sites like to see how I can add a pop of color to my room, I’ve scoured Etsy for cute decor, and tried to figure out what type of theme I want.

In short, I’ve searched far and wide for different design ideas that I love, but also made sure that my ideas aren’t completely unrealistic for my budget. After all, this is my parents’ house, and if I had the money for a big-budget remodel I wouldn’t be living here in the first place! I still have a few elements to look for like different lights but I might go look in some cool lighting stores in San Francisco for that, right now take a look below at some of my ideas.

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My Chicago Bedroom // Parisian Chic, Blush Pink â   bows & sequins


White, gold and pink bedroom - sophisticated, glam and girly bedroom - floral accent pillows


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I have always been a major fan of pink! As I get older, I am transitioning into seeing pink as an accent colour rather than the main focus. Seems like the older I get, the lighter the shade of pink I like (weird, huh?). Above all, my colour scheme is looking like a mixture of grey hues, blush pinks and pops of gold! Also adding the double bed with tv in footboard was a very good idea to make the whole room more cozy.

I plan to keep you along for my bedroom makeover journey! It’s going to be a long haul, but I feel it will be TOTALLY worth it in the end…