Happy Wednesday everybody! Can you believe it is already the middle of the week…it seems crazy that we are nearing the end of September. Personally, I am really excited because fall is my favourite season and I am super ready for summer to come to a close. Since September is kind of my own January, being that it is the beginning of the new school year, I have been looking into personal goals to set for myself.

One of these goals is to branch out with my blogging, and tackle another niche that I love, and jump outside of my comfort zone. To do that, I am going to tap into my Pinterest and show you what I have been pinning lately.

Here is the catch, however…I’m stepping away from fashion and diving into design and decor (shocking, I know). It isn’t my typical niche, but I can spend hours online looking at pretty living rooms, dreamy bedrooms and inspiring kitchens. Real estate websites such as SPACE STATION are also a guilty pleasure of mine! I am just so fascinated by the different ways people decorate and furnish their properties. My favorite properties are typically loft apartments. Recently I have even started thinking about what kinds of changes might be needed in a house to bring more soft light in. This might be because a friend down in Texas recently found out about Graceland Windows and Doors and all the different window options they can have, but softer palettes suit soft natural light. This could work in any room in the house, but in an effort to keep this short and sweet, I am focusing on living rooms today.

Mood: Living Room Inspiration

If you were to walk into my current living room right now, you definitely would find nothing in there that reflects this interior style, except my beautiful wide chest of drawers! Partially because I am a student, and partially because I currently live with six other students. A girl can dream though, right?
I am all about light, pretty, feminine things. Accent decor, cute quotes, floral prints, following trends like how recently they’re developing texture in contemporary rugs… that is what I am all about (or what I dream to be…). Blush tones, rose gold, leaf patterns – all I would include in a perfect dream of a living room. Future living room: designed!
Here are some of my inspirations when it comes to feminine living rooms:
You can find more of my interior and fashion inspiration by heading over to my Pinterest.

This post was inspired by Arhaus Furniture. Head over to their living room page to get some inspiration and design techniques!
All images were found through Pinterest and are not owned by me.


  1. October 1, 2017 / 8:21 am

    Such a great post! I’m slowly allowing myself to love pink and these living rooms are so adorable! Thanks for sharing!

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