Have you ever owned that one piece of clothing that just makes you feel pretty? It could be the simplest of items, but when you put it on you feel like a bright star. In my opinion, your whole wardrobe should make you feel that way! However, having those key staples in your closet, that you know you can throw on and feel like a princess is super important. 


Kimono: c/o Pink Blush / Bodysuit: Forever 21 / Shorts: Charlotte Russe / Flip Flops: Old Navy

Summer is a time to get out and experiment with your fashion choices. I mean, you can always experiment (no matter the season), but spring/summer lines are full of unique patterns and prints to play with. My go-to summer pattern is a cute floral (as you can probably tell). I love how girly floral patterns can be, and how well they compliment solids (and even other prints as well!).

This particular pattern is one I fell in love with when I saw it on Pink Blush. I have a tendency to be drawn to wearing darker colours (there is a lot of dark in my wardrobe). When I chose it, I immediately pictured it in a fall ensemble. Therefore, I was a tad worried about how I would fashion it for this season. However, as soon as I unboxed it, I realized this is a total summer staple.

When the light catches this kimono, the reds and pinks are illuminated – almost eliminating the dark tone to it immediately. It’s mesmerizing (in my opinion), when it’s blowing in the wind and catching the sun rays – all the more reason to wear it over and over again.

This kimono speaks for itself. When putting this look together, I focused on pairing with items that elevated the kimono. I went for a light denim short because it doesn’t clash with the colours in the piece. The black bodysuit that I put underneath the kimono was primarily to go with the dark tone (I didn’t know how the reds and pinks would jump out in the light).

I feel pretty in Pink Blush. You should too.

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