Dressing up is one of my passions. I consider fashion to be such an area of creativity. It’s a way to express how you’re feeling and what you love the most. One of the things that I love most about this time of year is how bright and colourful fashion becomes. The explosions of florals and bright colours are unreal and there is nothing better than throwing them all together in the same look! It is always amazing to find a trendy online boutique where you could find the best outfits.


Dress: c/o Pink Blush / Shoes: Le Chateau / Sunglasses: ILYMIX

With summer quickly approaching, I have been gathering up all of my pretty sundresses and making decisions on which to clear out for good and which to hold on to (I do this every year). I love new things (as most fashionistas do), and since I just had to have this bright floral, it was time to make some room in the closet.

Pink Blush is a trendy online boutique that I came across roughly a year ago. I am never disappointed with the packages that show up on my doorstep from them – especially this dress that arrived last week. Florals are a summer staple for me, and bright florals are even better! What screams summer than an eye-popping colour and big, beautiful flowers?!

Dresses in the summer time are such an easy outfit to coordinate. All I had to do was find the perfect pair of shoes and I was golden. Jewelry is also an option, however with high mock necklines, I tend to steer clear of the bling (also…bling + florals may look a tad busy). You really can’t go wrong with this neckline either. I tend to burn to a crisp in the summertime, so for a day out in the sun, this type of neck keeps my fair skin nice and protected.

I should mention that when you hop over to Pink Blush‘s online boutique, you will see a lot of maternity wear. Don’t be fooled in thinking that it is primarily a maternity boutique – that’s just part of the website. Although the maternity clothing is super, cute, they also have pages of cute clothing for women who are not pregnant (like me).

If you are a highly feminine, pretty, girly girl who loves dainty patterns and vibrant colours – this is definitely the boutique for you. I can never get enough of it (and as a side note: the delivery time is not too shabby for delivering to Canada).

I fell in love with Pink Blush the moment I clicked over, will you?

**Although this post was sponsored by Pink Blush, my review, thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

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