Fall Picks with Shein

Fall has arrived everyone! You know what that means? Fall fashion. Being that it is my all-time favourite season, I get a little fall-dazed and crazed with my hunt for the perfect threads. With fall fashion comes super short-lived trends and although you could invest a ton in great clothing…don’t waste it on something that’s going to go right out of style.

Shein is one of my frequently visited online boutiques for trendy fashion. So today I have decided to raid their new arrivals and showcase some of my fave items.

Fall picks with Shein - Pearls and Polkadots

All of these styles can be found at Shein

This season is full of earth tones, textures and statement pieces. I absolutely love military green, suede ball caps and textured leather and knits. All of these amazing trends can be found in the Shein boutique. Below, I assembled some favourite combos of mine that are all made up from Shein’s collection!

Comfy and Casual

One of my favourite trends right now is the baseball cap. I deem it to be essential this fall season. The main benefit of sporting a cap is you don’t have to try so hard on your hair – perfect for your second day, ladies! Oversized knits are a big thing in my wardrobe right now too – the longer the cardi, the better!!


Suede Ball Cap | Grey Overcoat | Ripped Skinny Jeans | White Kicks

Living on the Edge

Is it the 1990s? Nope! The choker has just been recycled and I couldn’t be happier! The black, velvet choker has become a necessity in every lady’s wardrobe. I also am really loving black skinny jeans with rips in the knees. Versatile and hot, they are a must-buy this season.

Fall picks with Shein - Pearls and Polkadots

Velvet Choker | Graphic Tee | Black Ripped Skinnies | Black Ankle Boots

Printed Perfection

I am pretty much obsessed with camouflage these days. This camo jacket is the perfect statement piece to really step out in style. Paired with some ripped skinnies and some white kicks, you are strutting in style. To top it off, the layered choker is another trendy piece that we are seeing a lot of these days…obsessed.

Fall picks with Shein - Pearls and Polkadots

Layered Choker | Camo Jacket | Ripped Skinny Jeans | White Kicks

Sweater Weather with a Little Leather 

Two of my favourite textures: suede and leather. I currently do not own a pair of leather pants, but I want them pretty badly. I love the texture and the edgy look that goes along with it. Plus, I love pairing suede and leather together – throw in a long knit and you are right in trend.

Fall picks with Shein - Pearls and Polkadots

Suede Ball Cap | Velvet Choker | Long Sweater | Leather Pants | Black Ankle Boots

Pops of Pink

Just because it’s the fall season, does not mean you have to bog down your wardrobe with olive greens, blacks and gray tones. Pops of colour are still very important, which is why I have included this pink backpack. It provides that little pop of colour your fall wardrobe needs!

Fall picks with Shein - Pearls and Polkadots

Olive Green Long Cardi | Graphic Tee | Black Ripped Skinnies | Pink Backpack

The Colder Shoulder

I haven’t been a fan of the cold shoulder top,  but I figured out that the tighter the arms, the better the look. Which is why I picked this cute grey cold shoulder top. I paired it with the leather pants to add texture, and topped it off with some black ankle boots to add some length in the leg.

Fall picks with Shein - Pearls and Polkadots

Grey Cold Shoulder Top | Leather Pants | Black Ankle Boots

Classic Threads 

Being the preppy gal that I am, I love a good collared piece. I paired this classic styled top with some ripped skinny jeans. Again, to lengthen the leg, I paired the look with black ankle boots (if you haven’t noticed, I love booties). You can also add a simple shoulder tote or a cross body for practicality!

Fall picks with Shein - Pearls and Polkadots

Striped Layered Collared Shirt | Ripped Skinny Jeans | Black Ankle Boots

When looking for trendy fashion at an affordable price, you can’t go wrong with Shein. However, I like to mention that if you are going to order, go one size up if you are North American. Overseas brands can generate smaller sizes, so definitely keep that in mind!


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