Flying Away in Style

The day has finally come. I am boarding the plane and taking off to Florida!! I have been counting down the days and here it is…time to go. This is marking the beginning of my travelling escapades since I haven’t really been anywhere, so (if you can’t tell) I am super excited.

Flying Away in Style - Pearls and Polkadots

1 JOE Fresh Black V-Neck2 H&M Denim Jacket3 Nike Jogger Pants4 H&M Straw Fedora5 Keds Polka Dot Sneaks

The upside? I am taking off in something super comfy!! I like putting comfort first for travel, which is why I have opted for a casual tee, some jogger pants and some comfy jogger shoes. Although comfort is my priority when dressing for travel, I like to throw a bit of style in there too!

I decided to layer the look with a denim jacket so that if it gets chilly, I’m warm and if I get hot, I can peel it off and stash it in my carry-on. Comfy shoes is a must and sneakers are the best to travel in when looking for comfort first.

I am so excited to share this journey with you..which is why I am introducing a brand new feature on Pearls and Polkadots: the “Photo Journey” page. I will be posting a running page of photos with a story or caption to go along with it to keep you all updated on the sights I see, the adventures I take, and of course…the Florida style!

Bon Voyage!


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