#FlashbackFridays: The Oscars 2015

We’re flashing back in a different way this week. Instead of me digging up ANOTHER 2015 post for you that I have revamped…I am going to flash all the way back to the red carpet at the Oscars in 2015 – one whole year ago. I love seeing style change from year to year and seeing what is popular and what has faded! Recently I revisited the red carpet of the People’s Choice Awards and I loved making the comparison! However, today, you are going to get a reminder of what slayed…and what didn’t before you fill out your fashion ballot this Sunday!!



I simply love Reese Witherspoon. Not only is she a fellow blogger, she is someone to look up to, style wise. She always brings it and I admire how classic she keeps it. Last year, she graced the red carpet with a black and white floor length gown by Tom Ford. This dress is a statement of its own with the simple black detail. How she accessorized is great too because there is nothing that steals attention away from the main piece…this beautiful gown.


Jennifer Aniston

I have always been a huge Rachel fan and copying her style ever since (go 90’s fashion!!). Jen always looks fantastic and I can’t help but love this neutral gown by Versace. My favourite part is how simple the look is – barely any jewellery, relaxed hair and her make up is neutral to go along with it. My jaw literally dropped when I saw her, she is just so naturally gorgeous! Definitely a win for Jen!


Rosamund Pike

Stunning. That’s all I have to say. Red on the red carpet is a fabulous idea. Although neutrals were really in last year (and still are for that matter), Rosamund looked absolutely gorgeous in this custom-made gown by Riccardo Tisci (Givency Haute Couture). The detail of the roses on the gown are beautiful and like most of the women on the carpet, Rosamund kept the accessories to a minimum. I have to give a shout out to those ruby-red shoes by Givency – they are fabulous.



Nicole Kidman

Nothing about this look worked for me. I actually really do love the initial colour of this LV gown…but why add this red-orange sash around the waist? To me, these two colours used in the gown clash…and not in the best way. I expected Nic to come out in a jaw-dropping, dazzling, Oscar-worthy winner of a dress…but it didn’t happen.


Laura Bailey

From the wide stripes, to the lace overlay, to the dark circles around Laura’s eyes…it all was a mess to me. First of all, this Chanel Couture dress is not actually too bad…given the right accessories, make up and shoes. The type of shoe chosen here is odd considering that this is a red carpet event and they don’t really match the type of dress whatsoever. The hair would be cute, but not with this overall look that Laura is portraying…and the dark circles around her eyes never work in my opinion – natural is key when it comes to make up…


Solange Knowles

Red is a number one carpet colour for me – I love it. However, I don’t know if I love it on Solange. I think the colour itself looks pretty amazing on her…but so much of it at once is a little too much. I can’t really tell if this is supposed to be a jumper or a gown? Whatever it is…it’s not flattering. She could have picked a much better gown that would have killed. That’s all I have to say…


The Oscars is going to be one to remember this year (isn’t it always?) and as a fashionista myself, I care more about the fashion than the awards ceremony…although I do hope Leo wins this year. These are definitely my best and worst picks of the 2015 Oscars red carpet. Hopefully Nicole, Laura and Solange choose a bit better this year…we shall see…

What do you think of my picks? Was I spot on or did I miss someone? Let me know in the comments below…

We changed up #FlashbackFriday…but that’s okay…I’ll be back next week with more fun reads!


    • Samantha
      February 28, 2016 / 6:42 am

      Thanks Mariam xoxo

  1. February 28, 2016 / 6:17 am

    I love all of these picks. My favorite is still the dress Jennifer Aniston wore. She is just so classy!!!

    xoxo Emily

    • Samantha
      February 28, 2016 / 6:43 am

      Yes!! Love her xoxo

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