#FlashbackFridays: Online Shopping in the Snow

What a better way to end the week with another post revamp? I know, I know…it’s love week and this is not a love week post…but this is #FlashbackFriday! It’s also the last day of classes before my reading break (yay!)! A whole lot of great things are happening this and next week since I have so much time off (break shopping!!), but more importantly…I have another flashback post for you today!

#FlashbackFridays: Online Shopping in the Snow

Happy Reading Break!

I think it’s pretty clear that I was still getting the hang of blogging in February 2015, which is why this post from February 2, 2015 is a little topic confused. However, although it is not clear what I am talking about…it does point to the time I was awaiting my marvelous kiss, kiss sweater! I cleaned it up and brushed up a few formatting details and voila, here it is:

Online Shopping in the Snow

#FlashbackFridays: Online Shopping in the Snow

Give “Online Shopping in the Snow” a little read and I will see you next week where I will be relaxed, well rested and super excited to share all of my reading break fun (well, we’ll see…)!

Have a loved-filled weekend!


    • Samantha
      February 14, 2016 / 12:25 am

      Thanks Elizabeth xoxo

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