#FlashbackFridays: Pairing an Oxford with a Sleeveless Dress

Wow that week went by quickly! I feel like it was just yesterday that I was trudging through the winter wonderland outside to my Monday morning English class! I can already feel the next few months zooming by. I mean, can you believe that Pearls and Polkadots turns ONE tomorrow!? I sure can’t…

I am loving my no-class Fridays because I get to use the day to sleep, catch up on assignments and watch the shows that I missed during the week (The Bachelor). What I also get to do is update my old blog posts. Each week, I am flashing back a whole year and updating the post that I posted in the month from the previous year!

#FlashbackFridays: Pairing and Oxford with a Sleeveless Dress


I wrote this on January 22, 2015 when I was just getting a feel for blogging. Funny enough, this was the first post that got major hits…I’m talking in the thousands of views! I was so excited being extremely new to blogging (Pearls and Polkadots was only 6 days old)…but it was too good to be true. It turned out to be lots and lots of spam that was driving my hit count up. This was the post that made me get spam filters for my comments and views.

After making a few updates (formatting, and whatnot), here we are:

Pairing an Oxford with a Sleeveless Dress

Check out “Pairing and Oxford with a Sleeveless Dress” and I will see you on Monday with more cute looks, great tips and a very special celebration…

Enjoy the weekend!

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