Merry Christmas, Love Pearls and Polkadots

Merry Christmas

Let me first start off by saying MERRY CHRISTMAS everybody! Christmas is my favourite day of the year (even more than my birthday, if you can believe it). It’s such a magical day full of love and happiness. It’s the one day out of the entire year that my whole family is guaranteed to be together so we can break bread, be merry and eat…a lot.


Since I am either opening gifts, eating turkey or passing out in a food coma…I decided to instead share my family’s Christmas Eve tradition with you! I let you in on this a little earlier this week, but I want to share photos of the unique and family oriented evening, as well as get a little more family personal with all of you wonderful readers!



Every year we seem to do something different for dinner, but it is always in the region of “easy”. Since Christmas day calls for our stomachs to be prepared for a ton of food…it’s easy to lighten up dinner on the eve before. This year, it was pepperoni pizza. Normally, it is just my Mom, Dad, sister and I on Christmas Eve, but this year we were fortunate enough to spend and host some extended family – which was so much fun! Can you say party size pizza?




Each family has their own way of giving each year. Some give large, some give small. Some give on Christmas Eve, some give over the course of a week. In our family, the majority of our gifts are given to one another on Christmas morning and after Christmas dinner. However, every Christmas Eve, my parents give my sister and I two gifts. By now, we can usually expect the same type of gift – Christmas PJs and a Christmas book. It’s become our favourite tradition and it has been going on for the last twenty years at least.





Okay, so this isn’t necessarily a tradition…and really it was only when my sister and I decided that taking selfies on Christmas Eve was okay (or rather she decided it was okay). Since we always receive the same pajamas or very similar pajamas, it makes for an excellent Christmas shot…and quite frankly, it is the best opportunity for a sister picture. I remember one year we both bought some luxury pyjamas (or Pyjamas luxueux as they’d say in France!) and we got such a cute photo together. Plus, we were super comfy all day so that was an added bonus!


I love Christmas and our family traditions…and even more, I love capturing these precious moments.

Stay safe and have a Merry Christmas everybody! Now go eat lots and lots of turkey!!

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