Instagram Roundup: Stress-Free Week…

This certainly has not been one of my busy weeks. Between post planning and planning for upcoming essays…it has been rather relaxing and full of marathons of Scandal (I love that show). Overall, it has been a stress free week, which is why I am happily writing this post and eager to get to show you the outfits that I wore around!

The usual sweater + scarf motif worked well in this on again, off again cool weather. If you can believe it, I even missed an outfit day (Wednesday) because I was too into Netflix, to get up and take a shot of whatever I wore that day. It’s always a shame when that happens…I guess that is what you get when you are living completely free of stress for a day…

Stress free week     Stress free week...

stress free week      stress free week

stress free week      stress free week

I can almost sense the snow that is right around the corner…and I am hoping it delays until my winter boots come in because otherwise I will be sporting (and ruining) my best pair of riding boots with thick socks…and of course, who willingly wants to do that to their shoes? (No woman I know…)

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