Inside My Mind: Personal Goals v18

I have been on fire with planning and completing goals lately! I don’t know, but lately I have just been getting idea after idea for blog posts – which never happens. I find that it comes in waves…one day I will get four new post ideas and I will jot them down in my planner, and then there will be days I cannot think of anything. Those are the worst days…especially when you have nothing planned for the next day.Regardless the ideas are flowing these days and I am on FIRE!

Inside My Mind - Personal Goals

Last time, I set three goals, in addition to one that I had:

1. Release a DIY Tutorial. 

I keep putting this one off. I have the ideas in note for, but I just haven’t hammered it out in a post format – I HAVE to do that, oh my goodness.

2. Giveaway Planning. 

Nope – just nope. I have not had the time to plan the giveaway…hopefully soon though!

Kick off the follow threads on the “We Blog” Facebook group. 

This one, I knocked out of the park and there will be a post on in it coming soon (so look forward to that in the next couple of weeks). I head up a blogging support group on Facebook, with Adriana from Daily Dose of Design and this week, follow threads were released! We are still working out the details, but if you want to join our group, click here.

we blog. - Personal Goals

Fashion Critiques. 

I released my first “pre-wear” critic review on Balmain x H&M this past Thursday and I am very pleased with how it turned out. It seemed to get people talking, and I got some great feedback. I am going to do this more often!!

This week, I have no goals to add to my list. I am going to stick with the giveaway planning, and DIY tutorial as we head into this busy finals season.

I love planning, and this series keeps me on my game!

Have a lovely Sunday everyone!

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