Inside My Mind: Personal Goals v16

I am so glad to be out of midterm season – two midterms and a seminar in one week is a little much,if you ask me. It has been all about the last minute Halloween costumes, the dressing up and spending time with friends. Even though I am finally out of midterm season, I haven’t really had much time to focus on my blog. Good thing I did a bunch of goals planning last month, or I am not sure how much would be getting released…

Hopefully everyone had a super duper Halloween night last night!! My Halloween consisted of candy, lots of friends and parties galore!! Pretty much the best Halloween you could ask for!! I got to go see Paranormal Activity, which was terrifying (definitely recommended)…overall it is hard to believe that November has arrived…

Personal Goals - Pearls and Polkadots

Last time, I set no goals, but I kept the three I made: :

1. Incentive Planning.

Wow, I really have not done this yet – I have to get on this one….

2. Release a DIY Tutorial. 

Technically, I released a DIY halloween costume for you (but that doesn’t really count)

3. Gain more followers on Bloglovin. 

This is something that is tough for sure. I need to focus more on this … Nothing more needed to be said.

This week, I have no goals to add to my list. Like I do often, I am focusing on my current goals. Planning has been going so well…which will be reflected in the next month or so! Exciting things to come…so make sure you subscribe to my newsletter to keep yourself posted!

Have a lovely Sunday everyone!


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