Incorporating Blush Pink into your Winter Wardrobe

I am a huge lover of pink (as you can tell) and to be honest, I am really shocked that I do not own more pink or pink-toned clothing! This upcoming Winter season, we are seeing a lot of neutral tones, reds, and tans – which is all very pretty…but we are forgetting about one colour that is absolutely stunning for the snowy white season. What colour is that? Blush Pink. 


Overcoat | 2 Statement Necklace | 3 Wallet | 4 Watch | 5 Scarf | 6 Pumps | 7 Earrings | 8 Bag | 9 Sweater

Blush pink can be considered a neutral, in my opinion. Depending on what hue it comes from, it can be grouped in with nude and beige tones. Blush pink is different though – it has that very subtle colouring to it that separates it from other neutrals. Which is why I love the look of making it the focus of your look.

Today I want to show you some looks that I pulled right from Pinterest to see how this undervalued colour has been styled, potentially striking some ideas in your fashion-filled brains:

Wear it as an overcoat. This is probably the best and most do-able way to show off your blush pink threads in the Winter season. For many parts of the world, winter is the white and snowy season, and with a snowy season, comes outerwear. I personally love coats and jackets – I use them more of an accessory than to keep me warm (I get that from my mother). If you are hopping around from place to place in the cold weather, chances are no one will be seeing your actual outfit because you will be wearing your coat. So work your coat into the look and sport this beautiful pink neutral!

. cheap canada goose 2015, canada goose,winter coatfashion style:  25 Beautiful Pink Outfits for Fall and Winter - Be Modish - Be Modish:  99 Street Style Fashion Snaps | Spring 2015 -:

Helena / Brooklyn Blonde | Marta / Marta Barcelona Style | Source

Blush knit scarves. Scarves are pretty much a staple in general when trudging through the Winter season, however, a blush pink scarf is a great colour to wear in the knit. Why? Well, it’s not so flashy and bright that it takes over your outfit, but paired with the right accompanying colours or tones, it can really stand out in a different way. If we look at the middle look below, we can see that Kat put a solid blush pink scarf with a black and white striped long sleeve. The pink against the pattern stands out and really draws your eye – but not in an overly obnoxious way.

Blush and grey.:  Laura McKittrick, The Greenwich Girl: a luxury lifestyle brand and digital magazine  Somehow, these spring colors easily transition to a wintery look. Time to find some pale pink!:

Sirma / Sirma Markova | Kat / With Love from Kat | Source

A cozy over sized sweater. Pastel sweaters are incredible. I find that they are a great colour tone to work with when dabbling in the Winter season. Because pastels go with a lot of different colours (black, grey, etc…), they are really easy to make into the focal point of your look. Most outfits in the Winter season focus around a sweater – a blush pink sweater will keep you warm and become the main draw to your outfit. The light colour will show off the knit design well, and you will look fabulous in it! Plus, sweaters can be worn without an overcoat, with an overcoat, and still look amazing!!

Pastel pink turtleneck sweater, worn with jeans:  blush pink sweater, fall knit sweater, fall preppy outfit, preppy fall outfit, pearl statement necklace, ivory corduroys, gray booties, tory burch slouchy satchel // grace wainwright from a southern drawl:  Pastel Outfits: Mary Seng is wearing a pink chevron pattern sweater from Vince Camuto and the pale blue coat is from McGinn:

Source | Grace / A Southern Drawl | Mary / Happily Grey

The Blush Pink Bag. All three of the bags below are gorgeous! Because blush is such a neutral colour, you can pretty much wear it in anything. I really like blush pink accessories – especially shoulder bags – because they are the neutral part of your look. It can neutralize the outfit, yet it still stands out without being so in your face. My favourite from below is the blush duffle-style bag (first look) – totally to-die-for!!

blush. blush. blush.:  ❤Clothes outfit for woman * teens * dates * stylish * casual * fall * spring * winter * classic * casual * fun * cute* sparkle * summer *Candice Wicks:  San Francisco :: Rose coat & Turtleneck sweater dress :: Outfit :: Coat :: Calvin Klein Dress :: Prada Shoes :: Gianvito Rossi Bag :: Valentino Accessories :: Karen Walker sunglasses Published: February 16, 2015:

Source | Source | Wendy / Wendy’s Lookbook

There are so many ways you can incorporate blush into your Wardrobe. These are the best ways and my most favourite ways! Through the use of overcoats and sweaters, it can really become the statement of your look, however it is true to say that this can be done through the use of blush accessories as well – so really anything goes.

Endless possibilities with this beloved colour…

What do you think about the colour? How do you wear it? Let me know in the comments below…


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    This is cute. I love pastel pinks.

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