Inside My Mind: Personal Goals v15

One whole week since the big surprise…hard to believe that it was only a week ago that my friends and family came together to surprise my for my 21st birthday (two months early, I might add)!! As promised last week, pictures will be coming…as soon as I round them up from everyone! As for this week? It has probably been the toughest week of the semester with all the midterms, papers and seminars! However, the week is over, and today I am focusing on my goals.

Personal Goals - Pearls and Polkadots

Last time, I set one goal for myself (in addition to one goal I had on the list):

1. Incentive Planning. 

This is a tricky one, and since I was swamped with studying this week, I didn’t exactly get around to it…maybe I can get around to it this week (hopefully, that is).

2. Release a DIY Tutorial. 

Ideas have been planned…now all I have to do is pictures! Very exciting…but I am not crossing it off the list quite yet…stay tuned!!

3. Gain more followers on Bloglovin’. 

I’m having a bit of difficult in this department. I am trying to learn how to get noticed on Bloglovin…but it’s been tricky!

Learn how to use my DLSR camera. 

Hooray! Checked off! I am getting so much better with the camera as I begin to use it more. I also have been looking at great tutorials online! However…I want to learn more complex techniques…and for that, I need a better lens.

This week, I have no goals to add to my list. Like I do often, I am focusing on my current goals. Planning has been going so well…which will be reflected in the next month or so! Exciting things to come…so make sure you subscribe to my newsletter to keep yourself posted!

Have a lovely Sunday everyone!

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