Give love to the Silver Jewelry

As you all know, gold accessories are my forte! Gold is my main colour when picking statement pieces. Now, the piece itself doesn’t have to be gold…it could be rainbow all over, for all I care. However, the hardware is what makes or breaks the piece! What is hardware you ask? Well, my friends…hardware is the chain, clasp, and any other technical part of your necklace, bracelet or other accessory.

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Jacey / Damsel in Dior

A few weeks ago, I did a post on how much I looove gold jewelry because most of my jewelry is gold. But just because gold is the colour I prefer, doesn’t mean I don’t favor silver jewelry as well.

I love silver jewelry just as much!

This piece is right up my alley! I love how it has silver detail, and most importantly, I looove the single piece in the centre. If you are looking for a piece to compliment your ball gown look…I would go with this piece for sure. It is simple, classic and totally in style (I have a similar necklace style, except…in gold).

Silver Jewelry

Bangles aren’t really my thing, if we are being honest here. I am not a huge bracelet fan, but I do like wearing them once and a while – especially certain occasions. This particular bangle is chunky and awesome and will break up most outfits!! You can’t really wear silver jewelry with much, but if you are going for a black and white motif, this is exactly the kind of jewelry you want!! This is a perfect example of making your jewelry the true statement of your look.

Silver Jewelry

This ring is a multi-ring. What that means is that there is multiple rings on one finger, yet they are connected with one another. This ring is interesting, in particular…why? Because of the detail, the ring is intriguing – I love the detail it has on the different bands of the ring. My favourite part about this accessory is the arrows – just a cute detail that I love. There are crystals, a design to die for, and overall, will look great on your finger!!

Silver Jewelry

Silver is the future – I see it everywhere and although I am #teamgold, it doesn’t hurt to try a different metal once and a while. As for mixing gold and silver jewelry, I will have to do another post on this one…I still don’t know how to handle this trend. I love gold jewelry, but all of this week, I have been wearing a silver hardware “Breast Cancer” awareness necklace – perfect for the month of October!

What do you think about silver jewelry? Are you #teamgold or #teamsilver…or are you both?

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