#WishlistWednesday: Keeping Warm in Cable Knit

I think we are all stoked for cooler weather…I mean it is pretty sad to see Summer say good bye, but fashion-wise? It is a marvelous season. Ponchos, leather gloves, boot socks (oh, the boot socks) and of course cable knit sweaters. I love sweaters. They are probably my favourite wardrobe piece and that is only because there are so many of them!!! Moving back to school, my sweater collection couldn’t fit in my chest of drawers so they were exiled to the closet (in stacks, trust me).

Now if I have that many sweaters…why am I posting about more that I want to add to my collection? The answer is simple…I have a sweater addiction. Plus these beauties that I have found are to die for and I couldn’t stop fawning over them online.

Let’s get to the sweaters…

Cable Knit Turtleneck Sweater, Lauren Ralph Lauren, $120.00

This is the perfect weight, colour and design for a Fall-Winter cable knit. The thing about cable knit sweaters, is that they come in so many different cable knit patterns, which gives the sweater a different look. Sometimes there is beading work, sometimes it is just a plain design down the front…but this one switches up the design, while staying symmetrical (which is always important). Aside from the design, the turtle neck will keep you nice and warm, plus it’s a cute look.

Cable Knit V-Neck Sweater, Tommy Hilfiger, $49.99

Who says you can’t be nautical in the Fall-Winter season? You totally can. This pattern makes for an adorable sweater look. V-necks are always appreciated because it makes the sweater easy to transition between seasons. Even if it was a cool Summer evening, this sweater would totally pass solely because it is a neutral white tone. In the Fall, the cable knit takes care of it being a Fall staple and then if you wanted to rock this in the Winter, you could either layer it up or throw a knit infinity scarf on top (or do both, for that matter!!). However you want to wear it, a v-neck cable knit is the ideal neckline cut for transitioning between seasons.

Cropped Roll Neck Sweater, Asos, $29-30.00

Where’s the bottom half of the sweater? Don’t worry…they didn’t shrink it in the wash and then put it out for purchase…no, that is a cropped cable knit. Now this is not really an item that you would wear alone in the winter, because the midriff would get a little chilly or freeze over (depending on how cold it actually is). This is a layering piece when it comes to the Fall-Winter seasons. Although, if you want to wear it this way while indoors, that would be totally acceptable. What I love about this piece is that it just look fuzzy and cozy!! It comes in winter white, but also comes in a lovely teal. For the cooler seasons, winter white is not a bad choice of colour! Plus, the rolled neck or floppy turtle neck style is really growing on me…

Although all of these cable knits are gorgeous…I do have a lot of sweaters and may have to purge before I let another one into my closet. Stay tuned for my post coming in the next couple of weeks about how to wear a cable knit and the different ways you can style it the way you like it.


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