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The Fall colour palette is always something to look forward to! A couple of weeks ago, I showed you exactly how much I love the colour wine! Well, in today’s post, I am going to go through some of my favourite pieces I have come across lately in the colour camel. This neutral colour is all the rage this season (as I have pointed out several times in the last month) and it makes me giddy to think that all of these picks are being sold right now! Can I go shopping please?

What exactly qualifies as “camel”…because that’s an animal right? Well, yes…that’s true, camel is an animal…but it is also a fabulous neutral colour that falls right in line with this season. There is nothing I love more than a good wardrobe neutral, but this colour doesn’t even have to be a neutral! That’s what is so amazing about it! You can literally make it the focus colour in your outfit, and not look washed out or drab (provided it is worn properly of course). Not to worry…I have lined up some great examples that I am going to review right now. I am going to show you two things today:

1) My choice camel looks. 

2) Where you can find some great camel items. 

This is one of my favourite ways to wear camel – in a outerwear or coat. See how it becomes the focus rather than the neutral or compliment in this outfit? She is wearing all black underneath with all black accessories, acting as a blank canvas for the camel coat to be displayed on. Even better, instead of wearing black or another colour in the shoe, she wore camel strappies…which really just completes the look.

25 Great New Outfits For Your Winter Lookbook - Style Estate -:

This is another great way to wear the colour. In the accessories. A soft, camel-coloured scarf is perfect…pair it with a hand bag and other marvelous accessories and you have a great overall look. I especially love the winter white sweater and how it goes so well with the camel. It’s important to note that because camel is a neutral, it goes really well with other neutrals (black, white, etc…)

Looking chic while staying cozy. Photo: Courtney D’Alesio:

Like I mentioned above, having an all black ensemble and then adding pops of camel through accessories is a great way to wear the colour. I own a few camel hats and they are great to accessorize with. The one that I debuted in the banner above is also a great one (it will be linked below for your perusal)! Even in the Fall, headgear is amazing to wear and great to style with. It takes your outfit up a notch, and with a neutral hat like this one, you can really wear it with anything…

Stick to all black and add pops of print or colour in your accessories. The look for wandering stylishly around Paris / the love assembly:

The items that I showed in the three outfit reviews, are unfortunately not linked below. However, I have linked the items I picked out for my banner (which are all available in-store right now – just use the links below!!). My top three items of my camel picks are:

Camel Hat camel ponchocamel bag

Like I said, I am obsessed with camel hats and this one is perfect for transitioning into the Fall season. I love how it features a cute band around the rim, to add that extra bit of glam! This poncho sweater is from Michael Kors and although, I don’t own a lot of his product, I have my sights set on this gorgeous knit!! I could style this to no end!! Of course, how could I not choose a Kate Spade bag to be in my top three for the post? This bag is timeless and really can be worn all through the year!!

Well, there you have it – my camel picks. Hopefully you will take a look at these cute pieces that I love or find your own fabulous pieces to style! Camel is one of the neutrals that is really making a come out this season and so it should be!! Let me know how you wear this neutral in the comments below!


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