Make a Statement: Round Three

Jewelry is something a lot of girls have trouble with. More specifically, when choosing statement pieces, it can be difficult to grasp what you can and cannot wear them with. I am a true believer in statement necklaces…I love them a lot, but it took me a long time to feel confident enough in how I was wearing them. It is one thing that takes a long time for most people to grasp!!

I am about to make your life a little easier! In this post, I am going to look at eight types of necklaces worn with eight different necklines. That is probably the most important thing to keep in mind when you are picking out your necklace for the day. Start with looking at the neckline of the top you are wearing. This will be a useful indicator as to which necklace you should choose!


Necklace Guide

The chart above should steer you in the right direction, however, these are not set in stone…I certainly don’t always follow these rules…but if you are totally lost in the necklace department, then this will help you out! I am going to go through a few examples and show you how I have styled my jewelry. I keep taking risks and I get great results when it comes to long necklaces, statement necklaces or even short simple necklaces as well!

Well…here we go! I am going to show you how to style eight different necklines:

J.Crew bib necklace sweatshirt. Cute! @Gretchen Hawkins you'd love this...right up your alley ;):

Crew Neck: I try and jazz up my crew necks with a big statement necklace. This neckline is super simple, which allows you to have the ability to dress it up a bit. Keep in mind, statement necklaces don’t need to be obnoxious or flashy…they are just larger pieces of jewelry that can dress up a look. Personally, I try and colour contrast with statement necklaces which you can buy from places like HARUNI.

V Neck: You can pair a v neck with a statement necklace or a simple necklace as well. The simple necklace may be just a silver chain, or it could be something with a pendent on it. Like I said above, statement necklaces are great for dressing up a look. I sometimes wear a big statement necklace when I have a plunging v neck on. It takes the focus away from your cleavage and puts it on the fabulous piece of jewelry around your neck!! It also fills up the space on your chest.

Collared: If you are sporting an oxford or a layered collared look, you’ll want a multi-strand necklace. I typically wear my multi-strand pearls when I have a collared shirt on or if I am layering an oxford under a sweater. This is because singular necklaces can get lost under all of the layers, and of course, the collar.

Pearl and Crystal layered beauties over cable knit sweater and denim collared shirt:

Cowl Neck: Cowl necks can be tricky because there are several types. There are really bunched up cowl necks, or there are really scoop cowl necks that cut lower on your chest. Depending on what kind of cowl neck you are wearing, it may be difficult to pair a statement necklace or simple necklace…so that’s why you should opt for a long necklace or multiple long necklaces.

Tank Top: Who says you can’t dress up a tank top? Nobody said that…but since tank tops are typically very casual, I would pair a long necklace or long pendent necklace with the tank. Not that you can’t pair anything else…but a statement necklace would be too fancy and multi-strand necklaces don’t really do it with the tank.

Spun in Luxe tank Top:

Turtlenecks: Essential for winter, sometimes turtlenecks can be a little tricky. This is because when wearing a turtleneck, your neck isn’t being exposed at all. Which makes it all the more important to really jazz up on the jewelry. I would suggest either a multi-strand necklace or tight choker necklaces. They will define where your neck connects to your shoulders and slim your neck out.

Boat Neck: Avoid any short necklaces when wearing boat necks. Because the neckline reveals a lot of neck and shoulder space, a long necklace or pendent necklace is best for this top. The necklace won’t get caught up in the neckline and stop at just the right place on your torso, elongating it.

Segment Dolman Tee -

Scoop Neck: This is really fair game for any type of necklace, but the best one to go with a scoop neck would be a necklace that hugs the neckline. Try and find a scoop necklace which will fall just around your collar bone, and sit nicely, filling up the space that is revealed by the neckline.

A while back, I found a necklace guide in a catalog that I used to help me get started. Unfortunately, I lost it…which is why I am bringing you this post today. So that you can bookmark, pin or save it to refer back to when you are having difficulty!! Starting off with these tips in mind is a great way to get educated about wearing jewelry. Of course, it is totally up to you about what you wear with what…but sometimes it’s hard to know where exactly to begin!! I sometimes deviate from these tips when I find something that looks great, but this is my go-to. Once you have your statement pieces figured out, it might then be time to start looking into other jewelry pieces that you can switch around and match with different statement pieces, having a look into alternative stone jewelry from the likes of Gema & CO can also be a good choice for those that are environmentally and socially conscious.

After writing so much about necklaces, I think I’m going to have to go and see inventory from to decide if they’ve got anything nice for me!

Anyway, what is your favourite type of necklace? What are the struggles that you have faced when trying to accessorize with jewelry?? Let me know in the comments below!!


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