Instagram Round Up: Photos from the Week

INSTAGRAM ROUNDUPToday, I bring you a new weekly series. With school kicking into high gear, and all of my extra-curriculars starting to fill up my calendar, it’s getting a tad tricky to pre-write all of my posts! So, that’s why I am adding a new weekly series that will round up and review my Instagram posts (just in case you haven’t checked out my feed lately).

Bright colours, comfortable shoes and pretty much anything to keep cool pretty much sums up the week! Might as well put the summer clothing to good use before snow moves in to stay, right?

Sept-18     Sept-17

Sept-16     Sept-15

Sept-14     Sept-13

Keeping it simple with your looks is key when rushing around from lecture to lecture. Jeans, comfy shoes, and useful totes are all staples when talking university fashion. This week has been work, study and a little bit of play, but overall it has been a good start to the year! Bonus, is that the weather has been beautiful and sunny, which is never a thing to complain about!

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