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homecoming FASHIONHomecoming is right around the corner at my university (next Saturday, to be exact), and this is the time when plans are made, tailgates are planned and outfits are prepared for the big game/party/celebration!! Depending on where you are and what the weather is like, your homecoming fashion is going to differ. However, there are some common trends that I am going to highlight for you, so when you wake up on the morning of, you are ready to go!!

University (or college, if you’re American) sports are a huge deal…and so going out to support your team is key in university life. I, personally, love football of any kind and so when football season comes around, I make sure that I sit in those bleachers and cheer my little heart out!!

Like I said, your outfit for homecoming or any football game, really, will change depending on the weather, season, and time of year! You may not want to wear a mini dress if it’s going to be below 0 (for those chilly October Saturdays). Shorts and a university tee is the most viable option, but there are other comfy ways to look cute and full of spirit so you can cheer your team right into that win!

Classic Homecoming Go-to…I don’t know about anyone else, but at my school, the classic look tends to be jean cut-offs, either a university tee or tank and some cute converse (there may or may not be a bow in the hair)! I am definitely a fan of this look as it is cute and simple and super comfortable as well! This is a great option if you are cheering in the heat and spend the whole game sweating. Basically, you don’t want to be caught dying of heat in a pull over!! You might also want to enjoy being comfortable while you’re also showing your patriotism with clothing options such as these American flag stars stripes leggings, cheer on being American!

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Bundle up to cheer them on…I have been to homecoming in the freezing cold, and let me tell you…it is not fun! I usually underestimate how chilly it can get when it comes to football games, but it is always safe to wear layers when the seasons begin to transition. Tank top underneath a cute jean jacket or a pull over crew neck sweater. Opt for skinny jeans or yoga pants (if you want to be extra comfy) and a cute pair of sneaks!


Giving it your fancy all…Sometimes you want to look that one step fancier and wear a skirt or a dress! There is nothing wrong with that. Although you won’t fit into the beer drinking, hot dog eating, die hard football fans (or maybe you will…who knows what your school is like), but you will look adorable the whole game! Just remember: Dresses and skirts are cute…but you will be freezing. So plan in advance and pair the look with tights or socks to keep warm!!

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There are my top three suggestions when planning your hoco’ look of the year! Obviously the focus of homecoming is the football players, the game and winning, of course…but who says your outfit can’t win a little too?

Are you excited for homecoming? I want to hear all about how you do it at your school, so let me know in the comments below!!


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