#WishlistWednesday: Oversized + Cowl Neck Sweaters

It seems like my posts are all geared towards Fall these days…can you tell I am totally psyched for the chilly season? Am I crazy? Maybe… I don’t want summer to end…but I really do love this season!! Well, today, I am going to continue the trend and list off these a-mazing sweaters that are out there right now. They are truly calling to me, and honestly, I have had to restrain myself from buying them all, since paying tuition is right around the corner (student life…). Well, what is life without wanting and dreaming of things? It keeps you motivated, right? If we’re talking clothing…then yes, it keeps me motivated.

Oversized sweaters are completely in trend for this season and I can’t wait to rock at least one of these once the leaves fall down and the PSLs are promoted…

Emma Cowl Neck Soft Knit JumperBoohoo.com, £18

always see this name around Pinterest and Shopstyle…but have not actually purchased anything from them yet. This sweater caught my eye though. Look at that large turtleneck, the to die for camel colour…I can just see myself cozied up in this with dark wash jeans and my high knee boots…sipping a PSL, of course (cliche? Absolutely). Camel is going to be the colour of the season which is why I want a camel sweater in my closet…soon.


Fringed Turtleneck PonchoForever 21, $42.90

I could technically have an entire wishlist just for ponchos, but since a poncho fits into the category of an “oversized” sweater…here it is! I love the fringe, I love the cream colour, and I looove the knit  – how it goes on an angle – absolutely stellar! This season, I am really obsessed with the turtle neck collar! It just makes for a comfy look and overall comfy feel as well. I got into the turtleneck trend last year and this year, the same trend is coming back in full swing!!


Oversized V-Neck SweaterForever 21, $24.90

This is truly a Fall sweater. It won’t keep you too warm in the winter (well maybe if you layered it) which is why it is on this list!! What makes it perfect for Fall, you ask? For one, the colour. Rust is a great colour and this falls perfect in line with what I want to wear this season! Personally, I see this with a huge knit infinity scarf and either jeans or coloured pants!! Even better bonus? The price…don’t you just love Forever 21? I can always find my staples there for under $50 (for sure!).

Three amazing sweaters that I want in my closet! There were many others, but in the interest of keeping a budget, I picked the ones that were the most reasonable! The colours this season are making me drool and I keep dreaming of comfy and cozies for the upcoming season (have I been saying this too much!?).

What I really can’t wait for? When I bring you my own Fall outfit details. There will be a lot of them…considering I live in the deep freeze for almost 8 months out of the year!! Should be a great season for fashion. Stay tuned for more Fall-themed posts to come (if you don’t get sick and tired of them…)

Happy #WishlistWednesday!


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