#WishlistWednesday: Kicking Back in the Joggers

#WISHLISTWEDNESDAYDo you jog? No? That’s completely fine…I don’t either (don’t judge). I still looove jogger pants. I have one pair that I am completely obsessed with that I got from Garage Clothing and I have worn them several times over. I just can’t get enough of how comfy and casual they are, while still pulling off a dressed up look. Don’t get me wrong…joggers are 100% casual…but if you want to dress them up, it is totally possible!

Since I picked up a pair, I have been starry eyed over them. I want them in all colours, just so I can have options. You know when you have a burning desire to wear sweatpants…but don’t want to look like a slob (because let’s face it…you do)? Jogger pants are the complete solution! I have picked out a few pairs that I want in my closet, and I have even linked some awesome pairs below!

Knit Jogger in Dusty Olive, American Eagle Outfitters, $55.16


These jogger pants are the perfect colour, material and overall look! I have said before that olive is a great colour and a standout colour for the Fall season. Picking up a pair of these for the upcoming chilly weather would be a comfy and cozy add to your closet! I love my joggers and I could have a hundred pairs if I could! These are definitely on my wishlist this week (before Fall is in full swing, of course!).

Crinkled Crepe Joggers, Forever 21, $15.90

For such an amazing price, these crimson pants are lovely. I think they fit into the Fall colour palette, and would be super comfortable – especially heading back into the study season. When you are spending hours in the library studying for mid-term after mid-term, you don’t want to be in super tight jeans, you want to have something comfy. Jogger pants in general are comfy and these are no different!

Pull-On Denim JoggersOld Navy, $25.00

Denim joggers are my favourite. The pair of joggers that I own are mimic denim! Why do I love them the best? Well, I will tell you! I love them because they don’t resemble sweatpants! Sweatpants, in my opinion, look a little sloppy when people are wearing them in public…well that problem is solved with denim joggers. They really do resemble jeans (obviously they are not) but they are SO COMFORTABLE!! Thank goodness that Old Navy stocks joggers…because they are just too affordable to pass up!

Those are my jogger picks for the week. Although I am completely content with the joggers that I own now, I love to browse and shop (what girl doesn’t?). I can’t wait to stock up on these babies when they go on sale (hopefully soon!!).

I leave you with a few shots of my favourite pair of joggers from Garage (because I am obsessed): 

OutfitoftheDay1 OutfitoftheDay1 OutfitoftheDay1



  1. August 26, 2015 / 4:14 pm

    These are so cute! I love these pants! Easy to dress up or dress down!

  2. August 26, 2015 / 6:49 pm

    I just bought my first pair at Nordstrom Rack and LOVE them! I’ll definitely be living in them this fall!

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