Thrifting on a Thursday: the “Under $25” Challenge

This is a post that I have had in my head for a while now. I have always loved to thrift shop. You can find the greatest of treasures amongst things you probably would never think to look at! About two weeks ago, I came across a post written by the lovely Addie from Old World New. She took on a challenge to create a look for $20 or less and hit it out of the park!! This very post led me to her other helpful posts on “thrifting”, including five tips for finding some lovely diamonds in the rough.


Being that it has been an outstanding goal of mine to plan my thrifty series, I thought that this would be a nice introduction to my love for thrift shops. Today, I want to share with you, what I found and how I completed this challenge of mine!!

Let’s take a look at what I found…

Four pieces. Four simply a-mazing finds that, when assembled with each other, make for the perfect Fall look!


Before I went on my thrifting excursion, I set my budget. Most challenges call for keeping the spending to $20 or less…well, since tax is high here, and I wanted to have a little breathing room for that, I set my budget for $25. When I stepped through the door, there were racks, shelves and trunks full of knick-knacks, shoes, and clothing!

This can be overwhelming and you can’t really plan what you are going to buy, because you never know what you are going to find!! In addition to the spending limit I set for myself, I also went in with the mindset of finding one piece and building the look around it.


I found this little gold clutch on the floor under a rack of pantsuits. After looking it over, I concluded that it was in perfect condition. Ta-da! Starting piece acquired!! Every item from that point forward, I coordinated with the little gold clutch. I am a huge fan of gold accessories. It is a great metallic to work with when styling a dressed up look, but it also gives an ultra-casual look that pop of glam!

6 7

Because I wanted the gold to stand out, I was on the hunt for neutrals. As we head into the Fall season, I wanted to make sure that the outfit I took away from this thrift trip contained pieces that I could wear over the next few months. 

I found the lace top and the olive pants instantly. They were only one rack away from each other, and because they were in such great condition…I snatched them immediately. Olive is a hot colour for me right now. Earth tones are great, and this shade of green really plays off the metallic accessory very well.



Cream is the alternative to white for the Fall season. I am a big follower of the “no white after labour day” rule. Why? White clothing should be reserved for beach trips, romping around in the sun, and keeping cool in the summer time. Cream is the loop hole. It allows you to have a super light colour to wear out, but doesn’t completely break the rules.

I spent the majority of the shopping spree searching for shoes. I am extremely choosy when it comes to picking out a pair of shoes at a thrift shop. Normally, I don’t come away with any great pairs, simply because I like to find evidence that the shoes are either brand new, or barely used at all (not the case, most of the time!!). This is mainly because feet are gross (warts, sweat, germs…) and wearing well-used shoes makes me squirm.


However, when I came across these thrifty beauties (brand new), I knew that this thrift challenge was over. I was complete. I made a beeline for the cash and walked away with a huge smile on my face!!

Dressing it up…

Due to my “splurging” on the shoes, I wasn’t able to incorporate jewelry or accessories. I found when I put it all on that a big statement necklace would look incredibly great with the cream lace, and really tie everything together. Which is where this mark. by Avon necklace came in. It is a very unique piece, which is why it fit right into this thrifty look!!


As a bonus, when I got to the cash, I found out that most of the items were slightly reduced and I didn’t actually have to pay tax (woohoo!). This would mean, that all in, the cost of my outfit was…




Well, that is all for this week’s thrift trip. I love to pull together outfits while keeping the cost down (student life…) and second hand shops are the best way to go. You may have to do a little digging, but when you find those standout, one-of-a-kind pieces, it will be worth it!!

Stay tuned for more thrifty posts in the future, and make sure you check out my inspiration for this post, Old New World

Happy thrifting!!


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