Pinterest Finds of the Week: the Stand Out Skirt

BannerAs many of you know, Pinterest is the perfect fashion catalogue for finding new looks, learning how to wear a unique piece and the hub of fashion inspiration. If you didn’t know that…now you do! Before l purchase something, I like to make sure that it goes with things I already have, or at least know what it will look good with. Well this week, I was specifically looking for outfits that put heavy focus on the skirt.

A while back, I added a bright red-orange pencil skirt to my closet…but being such a bright colour, I was not entirely sure what to wear it with other than a white neutral on top. So what did I do? I turned to the catalog of inspiration! Well, I found some amazing looks that can be transitioned into Fall as well (even better!!). Which is what I want to share with you today!

This was by far my favourite look that I found this week. It is more of a Fall look, which is great! The red colour in the plaid pattern pairs well with the bright skirt. What is even better about this look, is that all of the pieces are matched around the skirt. They aren’t stealing focus from the bright pencil beauty, but they are complimenting it. With such a bright colour, that is exactly what you want to do with this type of outfit – put focus on the skirt.


This is a great colour combo. The red paired with the navy is classic and the pop of pattern shown in the skinny leopard belt breaks up the two solid colours. This is a very professional look, even with the bright coloured skirt standing out, the navy calms it down and humbles the look so that when you walk into the office, people aren’t completely blinded! I love this look because it is so simple to replicate. A cardigan, tank and skirt with some pattern accessories – simple and chic!

Initially, this is what I had envisioned would go with this skirt – white on top with fun accessories. However, this is a very specific type of shirt that pairs really nicely with the bright skirt. Wrap shirts are so nice and completely in style. While being comfy and cozy, the wrap looks extremely professional and tucks into a pencil skirt nicely. As opposed to a bunch cotton shirt, or a tank top that may be too revealing for the office, this is a great alternative!

Those are my finds on Pinterest for the week! Bright pieces are perfect for summer and if they are the right colour, great for Fall as well. There are so many things you can do with a skirt this colour, so if you ever get the chance – try it out! You may be surprised how much you love the stand out piece!!

Below, I have included some of the ways I have styled the skirt:

OutfitoftheDay1   OutfitoftheDay1



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