Outfit Details: Tropical Threads a’Flowing

Summer fashion is full of tropical patterns, sheer threads and flowing dresses! Which is why today I am detailing one of my favourite dresses from mark. by Avon. This dress is last summer’s dress of the season and happened to be one of my Christmas gifts this year. Being that I received the dress in the dead of winter, it hasn’t gotten much use. However, on my recent weekend getaway, this dress was the perfect night out look for dinner and a stroll through town!

This tropical statement dress does all the work when wearing it out. The detail on the top half of the dress in the pattern and the beading makes jewelry unnecessary. I decided to pair the dress with minimal arm candy, including my watch. To finish the look, I included my favourite pair of turquoise sandals with leopard trim around the sole, that I also bought from mark. by Avon.


High-low dresses are right in style this season, and I have to say…the style is quite practical as well. The high cut in the front allows there to be a little leg action, while you are totally covered in the back. This naturally lets the dress be swept around, creating a magical and tropical look!


I have seen this dress styled many different ways, however, when I put the dress on and went to style it…I thought to myself, why dress it up, when it is already dressy? Jewelry would take away from the wild pattern in the thread. Heels would be a good compliment to the high-low cut, but they aren’t totally necessary. Adding any other accessories would need to be neutralizers to the pattern because you don’t want to upstage or compete with the pattern itself…

So that’s how this look came about…

The dress is the superstar of this look. The dress is the look! Dresses are easy looks to style and this one was ridiculously easy!! I highly recommend any fun patterned high-low dresses for your summer wardrobe!




  1. August 24, 2015 / 4:41 pm

    You have the best mermaid hair! Wish I could get those waves! gorgeous 🙂

  2. August 24, 2015 / 7:34 pm

    Very pretty! I love how the color pos against your hair 🙂

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