My Wine Picks!

MyMy mind is fluttering at the thought of Fall colours, coming into the cool season. Last week, I talked to you about a very attractive colour palette for fashion in the autumn weather that we are all looking forward to. Well, in today’s post, I am going through some of my favourite wine-coloured picks that are on the market right now! Let me just say that this little extension of #WishlistWednesday, is the perfect post to tide you over until the weekend (that’s when we all go on shopping sprees, right?) and you may want to keep this beauty of a colour in mind!

Some people call it burgundy, maroon or crimson…but wine is truly the perfect name for the colour! Why? Well, wine comes in several shades. It really encompasses all of those colours and by referring to it with this label, people definitely will know what you mean when you talk about it (assuming everyone is talking about the labels of shades and colours…). With wine in mind, maybe this post will inspire you to visit somewhere like glendale cellars, hopefully in some of your finest wine clothes, too!

Whether you are wearing a wine accessory, like the beautiful felt hat I have linked from Nordstrom, or making a statement in wine with a jumpsuit, like the satin beauty I have linked from J.Crew – wine is the colour to hunt for! I have picked up some wine coloured sweaters for this season and I can’t wait to strut my stuff in them as the leaves turn colour. I am going to show you two things today:

1) My choice wine looks.

2) Where you can find some great wine items.

This is a great look and a perfect example of how to wear the colour. Paired with complimentary shades – black and white. What I love most about this look (in addition to the wine) is how coordinated every accessory is. The black fedora and matching bag match the leather skater skirt. The use of black and white are almost “neutrals” in a way, making the wine jacket pop completely.


This is the perfect Fall look and one I cannot wait to replicate. The wine, worn in the pant and accessories compliment the camel coloured cardigan very well. I am really loving this bag that she is carrying, by the way. I think that wine bags are completely appropriate for the season and pair really well if you don’t want to strut with wine being the main colour in your look. That being said, a wine coloured pant is not the ultimate statement – if you wear a darker shade of wine (nearing burgundy) with a lighter coloured top, it will downplay and take the focus away from the pant.

This is a super cute way to incorporate wine into a look. Wine tights are a thing, and I love it! It is so different from the usual black or navy, and I love the different look it portrays! Especially in this look, there are so many darker shades of colorus (navy, brown, etc.) and the wine really plays well off the floral pattern in the dress! I hadn’t actually seen wine coloured tights until today on Pinterest, which is one reason why this look has made into today’s post…and why I will be picking up a pair of wine tights!


The items that I showed in the three outfit reviews, are unfortunately not linked below. However, I have linked the items I picked out for my banner (which are all available in-store right now – just use the links below!!). My top three items of my wine picks are:

furrybag c021ab0cf1e5131bfcaab3ed5d35ea36_best be1fc6a9d8e482fca05bf6c10e8f55ff_best

I have a thing for wierd items and this furry clutch falls into that category completely. Not only is it cute and quirky, it would be a great pillow on the commuter train! This jumpsuit has been on my radar for a while…I just need it to go on sale (if only it would go on sale!!) and then I can snatch it right up. Finally, this anchor bracelet is adorable. I looove anchors and how simple casual is this? Such an easy bracelet to wear in any season, really!

Well, there you have it – my wine picks. Hopefully you will take these cute pieces into consideration (or find your own fab pieces!!). Wine is the Fall colour that’s taking over, and I am perfectly okay with that!! Let me know how you wear this shade in the comments below!


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