Inside My Mind: Personal Goals v8

BLOGGER (2)Wow, has this week ever flown by! I blinked and the seven days were up!! Even though it went by super fast, I got a lot accomplished that I am happy to share with you today. This week, I wrapped up a summer internship, packed my sis for her freshmen year of university and worked away on upcoming posts! I am exhausted and glad to have a couple of days to relax before I have to trek back to school.

Last week, I set one goal for myself (in addition to 2 existing goals):

1. Get my September posts partially written – I actually knocked this one out of the park because I did get most of my outfit detail posts written for September (which will be released on Mondays!)…but there is still a lot of work to do for all of the other days. That is why I am keeping this one up here!

2. Be more active on neglected social media platforms – Should I just take this one off? Maybe I should…I have been so bad at progressing with this goal. I need to get into a routine of posting on Twitter. This one, I could use a little help with this one – if anyone has any tips…please leave them in the comments below!

2. Learn Mail Chimp – Nope…just nope. We’re going to move this one to the top of the list this week I think…you know…before school begins.

This week, I have one goal to add to my list of outstanding goals:

COMPLETE MY CURRENT GOALS. Yes…it has gotten to this point. I need to clear some of these outstanding goals of mine off this list! I have two weeks to do it. Wait, two weeks? Did I just say that? Yes I did. I am postponing next Sunday’s post and deferring it to the next week so that I can do a feature post of mine!! Maybe the extra week will push me to complete 1, 2 and 3! I sure hope so!!

Enjoy your week and make sure you check out tomorrow’s post as I have a special announcement to make for Pearls and Polkadots!


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