Inside My Mind: Personal Goals v6

BLOGGER (2)This week has completely flown by. Work has been hectic, and as I prep to go back to school this Fall, I am trying to get everything in order before moving everything back! What does that translate to? Not a lot of blogging accomplishments, I’m afraid! Thanks to me planning out all of my posts weeks ago (one of my goals, hehe), I was still able to release posts each day, which blows my mind. Thank goodness for that free time I had a couple of weeks ago!!

Hopefully this week will be different…

Last week, I set no goals for myself , but I did have three existing goals:

1. Be more active on neglected social media platforms – Okay, so I technically was a lot more active on Twitter than I have been since I set up my account…but it is not enough for me to check this one off my list! This week, I am really going to check out “Twitter Chats” and see if I can clean up my follower/following list!

2. Learn Mail Chimp – This week has been super hectic, like I said…so this one definitely didn’t get complete. That is all I will say about that…because really, I don’t have any other reason to justify why I haven’t learned Mail Chimp yet.

Begin my Thrifty Finds series If you haven’t checked out my “Thrifting on a Thursday” post, I would love for you to go and check it out!! I am not new to thrifting, but I am new to writing about it, and this is one of my favourite posts so far! I challenged myself to go into a thrift shop and come out with an outfit for under $25…challenge completed! I want to make this a regular series…still working on it though!


This week, I have one goal to add to my list of outstanding goals:

My Planner Series: I am planning to give you a look inside my DIY planner. I have been looking for a planner all summer, and although I have found a few that I love (and are on my wishlist), I wanted to challenge myself to do a DIY project that would be useful for the upcoming school season! This week, I want to prep that so I can schedule it for each day!


I am only adding one goal for this week since I really want to focus on the existing goals that I have set for my self! Like I say every week…let’s see where I am in seven days! I have some exciting things coming up this week, and I can’t wait to share them with you!


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