Inside My Mind: Personal Goals v4

BLOGGER (2)It has been a lovely, hot, and sunny week, hasn’t it? Who doesn’t love a good summer weather week? I definitely cannot complain, as I know that what is ahead for me (weather-wise) is knee-deep amounts of snow (ick). Not only is the weather contributing to my oh-so-happy mood today, but my accomplishments, definitely has boosted my mood right up!!

Sunday for me, means looking back on the previous week, assessing my accomplishments, and determining what I need to work on in order to advance my blog! I’m going to start this off by saying, most of these goals are ongoing. If you haven’t tried doing a personal goals series, I strongly suggest it. By doing this, you get to focus on what you want to accomplish, and by attaching the timeline, it pushes you to actually make those accomplishments happen.

Last week, I set one goal for myself (in addition to 3 existing goals):

1. Reach 1000 Instagram followers – It is a slow and steady crawl, I must say. But this goal continues, week after week, to remain at the top of my list. Why? Because it the ultimate goal that I want to achieve right now. I put a heavy emphasis on growing social media, because that is a huge source that can direct people to this pretty little site right here! What’s the count at this very moment? 989 (so close!!!)

2. Begin my Thrifty Finds series – Thrift fashion is becoming super popular these days. Most people don’t know this about me, but I love to thrift (so much, I have made it into a verb…)! I don’t see thrift stores as a place of “used clothing”, I see it as a place of treasures that are waiting to make someone else happy (too cliche?). It is a fact that fashion gets recycled. This is the ultimate recycling bin, if you ask me!! I have been planning, planning, and more planning to launch this series soon!!

3. Be more active on neglected social media platforms – Okay, I completely failed at this one. I failed, massively hard. I mean, Twitter is there…I use it to share posts…but do I actually use it to it’s full extent? Nope, not even a little bit! I will say though, that I have been looking into options on how to use my neglected social media platforms (Twitter, Google+, Bloglovin’) more effectively…so I guess I kind of half-completed this one?? Maybe…

Finish the #30DayWriter challenge – Woo-hoo! I feel so refreshed knowing that I actually completed this successfully!! It was definitely hard, but I managed to release every post each day, with full confidence and assurance that I had given it my all. What did I see after that? Increased traffic, comments, and engagement!! So that’s a start. I highly recommend this type of challenge to any new and upcoming blogger. It certainly whips your writing butt into shape!!

This week, I have two goals to add to the list of outstanding goals.

Plan, plan, plan! I want to have more regular series (similar to #WishlistWednesday). I don’t want to put out there just yet, what I have in my head…and what I have brainstormed so far, but I do want to say that, come September…I think there will be some things to return for!!

Learn Mail ChimpI was using Ready Graph as a default RSS feed and newsletter provider. However, there have been some really weird and inconsistent things happening with it and I am not confident in it anymore. So that’s why, I want to look into Mail Chimp. I have heard people love it, it is free and super easy to use!! So that’s what I will be trying this week!! Cross your fingers!!

Two new goals is plenty enough to have on my plate for this week, so let’s see where we are in seven days!! That’s all for now…



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