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I am so excited to have Adriana from Daily Dose of Design guest posting on Pearls and Polkadots today! She blogs about all things design, including everything from personal style to great home design. I always look forward to her new posts, and today, she will be channeling her inner design to show you a great way to incorporate gold into your home style! Happy Reading!

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Hi everyone! I’m Adriana from Daily Dose of Design. I live in New York and blog all things fashion, interior design, DIY and lifestyle. I love meeting other bloggers and hope you enjoy this post and my blog!

I love creating mood boards and different categorized designs for rooms to help make decorating easier, especially when picking my wallpaper. Lately I’ve been noticing how in style decorating with gold tones is! Every time I walk into stores like Home Goods or Pier 1, I see tons and tons of gold toned decor and furnishings. Gold is a timeless, metallic color and decorating with it can make a room classy and chic when paired with other matte colors that make the gold pop. Luckily some of these items didn’t have that weird gold issue that require you to use a canister vacuum every time you move it around. If I found a gold mattress, I would love that. But I haven’t just yet. A friend of mine recommended I look into something that felt like gold, which to my surprise was a mattress from a site like She spoke highly of one of them and she loves it so much. Some colors that go great with gold are pink, turquoise and black! W

Here’s some gold decor pieces that I’m loving:gold decor

Table clock//
Gold striped pillow//
“Nest” sphere//
XOXO decor//
Asymmetrical vases//
Tall gold vases//
Sunburst decor//
Zebra stacking dish//
Gold table box//
Chanel wall art//
Gold throw pillow//
Gold table box

These gold decor pieces would pair perfectly with a black and white carpet and matching matte pink decor pieces:

gold room 2

I love the different types of pinks that match gold as shown above! Here’s some more color palettes that I love with gold:

swatches 1 swatches 2

swatches 3 swatches 5

swatches 4

This swatch is my favourite combination! Matte navy and gold compliment each other, while the pink will make the gold accents in the room pop. It would look gorgeous to have a navy couch, gold coffee table and pink accents and pillows in a living room. The list goes on and on and I could search Pinterest for hours straight finding inspiration for this colour combo!

Don’t be afraid to go bold – these colours and different patterns will stand out and make a huge statement!

Choosing a colour scheme for any room in your home can be overwhelming. There are so many choices, designs, colours and choices – so if you’re ever stuck, I highly recommend looking to gold accents to decorate a space with! You can then pick nearly any colour to go with gold and make decorating easy, quick and less of a pain.

Do you have any favorite colors to pair with gold?

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