Campus Clothing: Keeping Chic this Semester!

Campus ClothingThis marks the last weekend in August (silent tear) and the upcoming school season is upon us! Some have already begun and some start in a few weeks (depending on where you are, of course!). Well, that includes me as well as I head into my fourth and final year of university!! When you are at school, there are several looks that you want to nail. You don’t want to spend hours in front of the mirror, or in your closet trying to decide what to wear. There are too many exams to study for, football games to cheer at and parties to plan for to be humming and hawing on clothing!!

Today, I am going to show you a few outfit combos that you can strut around in on campus, without putting too much effort. Sweatpants are cute…but not the best look! It’s important to dress well – even when you’re up to your ears in readings!

Running to Class: 16211

Sleep is precious during the school year, which usually means you sleep in until the last possible minute before jumping out of bed and running to class! This is definitely more of a transition outfit in the first couple of months on campus…only because in about three months, campus may be covered in a white blanket! This look is really casual and cute! You really don’t have to fret about being too coordinated whenever you are working with neutrals like black, camel and white.

Studying the Time Away: 64854

Studying is dreadful and you want to stay comfortable when spending hours in the library and going over lecture notes. You are probably not thinking about your appearance when you have a 50% midterm the next morning, BUT, that doesn’t mean you can’t look half-human. Why not look half-human in a cute pullover, a pair of black pants and the comfiest pair of moccasins? This is a very comfy option and still maintains some kind of fashion sense!

Heading to the Campus Club/Bar: 60886

When the weekend rolls around, it’s time to doll yourself up, try a little harder than usual and have fun with your friends! Well, this is the perfect look for that and it takes absolutely no thought at all. The LBD is the ultimate go-to for most, but I am loving crop tops + skater skirts these days – you can never go wrong with this combo…which is why it’s so easy! You don’t have to accessorize because the two pieces are statements enough, and whether you want to throw on heels or flats…doesn’t matter!

Well, there you have it! Three ultra-fab looks for college/university, and looks that you can get away with with no preparation. I mean, if we are being real, it’s the make up that really takes the longest, right? As for dressing…keep these combos in mind and you won’t be left trying on three different outfits when you should be sitting in on that exam review!

Summer is coming to a close, but school isn’t so bad – before we know it, we’ll be singing Christmas carols, partying on Spring Break and then kissing school good bye for another summer!


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