#WishlistWednesday: Flat Sandals

Now that summer has arrived, it’s time to pull out the flip flops, shorts, tank tops and any other summer gear to be prepared for the heat!! I love this season because I don’t have to worry about piling on the layers. However, one item that I would love to own (and surprisingly don’t) is a pair of flat sandals. Not just flip flops, but sandals that I can wear out or dress up! The thing is, is whenever I go out to look for flat sandals, I seem to find a pair of wedges or pumps that I love even more and end up spending my money on. Therefore, I have never owned a pair of flat dressy sandals. That’s why I am looking at some of the cutest pairs that I have found for #WishlistWednesday.

Comly – Steven Madden, $69.98

Steve MaddenI was out shopping a few weeks ago (for flat sandals…) I saw these shoes in Steve Madden. Although I didn’t feel the need to purchase them right away, I have been thinking about them ever since. I am really big these days on animal patterns – leopard, cheetah, etc. I love them all and this particular pair of snake skin print sandals. What I love about this print is that it would be perfect to wear on a night out  or just casually with jeans!

Leather Gladiator Sandals – Le Chateau, $89.95

LeChateauSandalsI never have known Le Chateau to be a shoe store…but one day, while walking in the mall, I saw the shoe racks after shoe racks on display and came out with an adorable pair that I love to death. So why not look there for the perfect sandals? These gladiators, in tan, are exactly what you need to dress up or dress down an outfit! My favourite thing about these sandals is the tan colour of them! I find that this colour goes with everything, and acts as a neutral in any ensemble!

Lovenawen – Spring, $35.00

SpringSandalsHow beautiful are these sandals? I love the pale, baby blue colour. I can’t express how much I want this pair of sandals. The T-Line design of the sandal makes the overall look very simple – these were basically made for the preppy girl (which I am!). Another feature I like about these flat sandals, is that they are not completely flat. They have a very mini heel, which means your sole isn’t completely flat to the ground – makes for a comfortable wear the whole day.

Well, I can only look at so many pairs of shoes…who am I kidding, I could peruse the internet and malls all day long – all week long, rather. What girl couldn’t though? It’s about time I wrote a post on my love for shoes! This doesn’t even cover half of the pairs I truly want…

Well that’s my short wishlist of flat sandals. Every girl has a style in mind, and the flat sandal this season has been rolling through mine since the moment spring began! Happy #WishlistWednesday!


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