Navy Blue Capris are my new favourite!

There are many essentials that a girl should have in her wardrobe, and one of them is a pair of good capris. They are amazing – perfect for work, just the right length and a great option for any occasion! Capris are a super cute way to keep casual in the spring or summer. Now that we are in the middle of June, capris are an absolute staple. My favourite pair of capris right now are made by Dalia. You can usually find this brand at wholesale stores, Costco being the primary place that I have found this brand. Dalia is great for anything casual and their stuff is really cute, at a good price.

The looks that I have put together with these Dalia navy capris are pretty, simple and classic. I wanted to display my looks in a different format for this post, so I pulled out my Polyvore app and replicated the looks, all laid in out in full view.* Make sure you check them out below!

Look #1: Sweatshirt blazer, white blouse top, navy capris, pointed shoes and a statement necklace.


This look was one of my more comfortable looks of the work week. I got this sweatshirt blazer from Avon, and I have to say…it is the most comfortable thing to wear to the office on a rainy day. This blazer is for those days where you just don’t want to dress up, but you still want to look dressed up. It is super easy to pair this with a statement necklace and some comfy bottoms. Because navy is such a versatile colour, and it is being worn on the bottom of the ensemble, I opted for lighter, softer colours on the top of my outfit. Tying it all together, the pop of pink in the statement necklace, really completes the entire outfit. (Btw, for some reason, the capris look black in this photo…but I swear they are the same ones…)

Look #2: White oxford shirt, red blazer, navy capris, pearls, nude kitten heels.


I am obsessed with the colour combo of navy and red. It’s nautical, it’s summery, and it is so classic. I can’t wait to coordinate more outfits using this colour palette! This look was one of my favourites in the past month. With a bold colour like red, you want to make sure that it is the statement piece of the outfit. You don’t want to upstage the blazer with a wacky necklace, or even really high heels. You want everything to flow properly and the focus to stay on one thing. That’s where the navy capris come in. Navy is a soft colour, as opposed to black which can look very harsh (especially next to red). Notice that the navy doesn’t present as a harsh negative against the bright red, it blends in really well and makes for a cute ensemble!

Look #3: White shell, navy capris, pearls, strappy wedges and the black handbag.

I was so excited to wear this look out in public. I got so many compliments that day, that I had to include it in this post! Believe it or not, I carefully thought this outfit out the night before I wore it. I will tell you why. I was trying to decide if I needed a blazer or a cardigan to go with it. This is the first time I wore my navy capris to work, and so I was trying to dress them up. It wasn’t until I had tried on about three different tops/blazers/sweaters that I realized that I didn’t need to. Finally, the last outfit I tried on, was this…I was in the middle of looking for a pink blazer, and then stopped and looked and found that this was enough. Definitely one of my favourite looks I have worn this season!

The overall message here, is that capris look great! If you don’t have a pair of capris, you should go out and find the ones that fit you the best. I give one tip, when shopping for capris: make sure they aren’t too tight. There is nothing worse than having your capris bunch in places you don’t want them to bunch. Unlike pants, they are already cropped up to mid-calf, so any more bunching will just look like you are wearing pants that shrunk in the wash. That pretty much goes without saying though, you always try on clothing before you buy it.

I want to hear your favourite summer trends or pieces that you are sporting this summer! So leave a comment below and tell me all about it! I leave you with two of the outfits (above) that I styled on Polyvore*: 

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*Not all products used in the Polyvore compilations are accurate in comparison to my personal photos.

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