Four Month Touch point: My Blogging Experience so far

Instead of reviewing my favourite brands, talking about style icons, or breaking down outfit details…I am going to get more personal on “Pearls and Polkadots” today. Saturday marks four months since I launched this blog. It feels like yesterday that I was setting up providers, getting my theme set up and beginning to get into my ‘posting groove’ as I call it. I decided to spend the early days of my blog looking around for the best blogging platforms out there that would suit my needs and the needs of my blog. This took me longer than expected, but I’m glad it did as it allowed me to make the best decision possible, I also made sure to conduct some extra research into the world of blogging by checking out some publishing stats and found a lot of interesting information, for example, did you know 6.7 million people blog on a regular basis? Imagine being in the blogging world and trying to keep up! Although even after seeing what I had in store for me, I was still so excited to get started and I still have the same excitement now when the time comes for me to make a new blog post. I have that sense of excitement as I know that each blog post that I put up could reach even more people and it’s an amazing feeling. It probably helps that I did my research on sites similar to to help me find the best web hosting to help with things like speeding up the load time of my page. At least people will have the chance to view it quickly. Looking back at that time, it was probably one of the easiest things that I’ve had to overcome. It is sometimes hard to make time, multiple times a week to get a post up, especially when you have no idea what to post next! As the months have gone by, it has gotten a little easier, but I have to say, writer’s block is always a problem.

Going forward, I have set a goal for myself. Now that school has let out for the summer, I will have my evenings free to prepare posts and get them up the next morning. I am aiming to post roughly three times a week! Five days is a little hectic, and once is not enough to keep momentum. Through blogging communities and my blogger friends, I have gathered a lot of tips to promote “Pearls and Polkadots”, and have got some great plans for the future! If you have joined me for this journey I am on (by subscribing to the right), than you will be experiencing everything as I experience it as well!


Early Planning Stages of “Pearls and Polkadots”

If you don’t know my story, then here it is: I opened an Instagram account apart from my personal account about eight months ago called “@mystyyle” (follow me!). I would post my outfits of the day and mainly use the platform to get inspiration from other style bloggers. I didn’t think of starting a blog until a blogger suggested I do so on one of my photos. At first, I thought it was a crazy idea…what do I have to say to the world? Who would read my posts? I would have written the idea off completely, except I started gathering more followers, likes and an overall following. I didn’t blow up over night, but I did have a steady increase of people joining my network. It started to become more and more logical…why wouldn’t I start a blog? It would be an outlet, somewhere to focus my interest and really express myself.

So I did.

It has been four months of heaven and I have to say, it never gets old. The blogging community is always full of new people, fresh ideas and support that you wouldn’t believe. Everyone believes in everyone, which is so refreshing! It has been an interesting and positive road so far and I can’t wait to see what the future holds!


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  1. May 15, 2015 / 4:33 pm

    I loved reading this!! I’m so happy you decided to blog – not only are you an awesome blogging friend but I love your posts! I’m excited to continue both our blogs together – congrats girlie!!
    xo Adriana
    Daily Dose of Design

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