Dress to Impress: The Work Wardrobe

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Since I started back full time at work downtown, I have had to polish off my wardrobe. That includes blazers, dress pants and pencil skirts. I can’t complain, since I love this posh style, but it can get a little repetitive. I certainly can’t afford a new outfit every day! That’s crazy! Today, I am going to talk about how to keep your professional wardrobe fresh and new without buying piece after piece. Here are three top tips that I use to create looks and recycle clothing for work:

Keep the inspiring flows going. Not everyone can come up with 100 outfits using the same pieces week after week…let alone come up with them in the morning when you need to leave in an hour for work. Let’s be honest…it is pretty hard to pick out an outfit to begin with, let alone remember if you have already worn it. Through whatever method works for you, keep looking for fashion inspiration. Whether it is scrolling through fashion boards on Pinterest, or buying the newest copy of Elle or Vogue on a regular basis…make sure that you keep fresh ideas in your head. That way, in the morning, when you open your closet and ponder what to wear…you will be able to tap into those sources to make the choice a bit easier.

Buy the staples. It’s common knowledge that a woman’s work wardrobe should include some of the basics. Every woman should own a pair of black dress pants, in my opinion. If you work in the private sector and you need to look professional, then that can be your go to piece in your wardrobe that will tie an outfit together. Dress pants can be paired with a nice blouse of any colour. That is your professional look right there…it’s as simple as that! Here are some other staples that I feel should be included in any professional’s wardrobe: nude heels/flats, black heels/flats, black dress (conservative enough for work), blazer, pencil skirt.

Colour, colour, colour! Just because you work in the business world, does not mean you have to wear black and grey all day, everyday. I try and incorporate one pop of colour (if not more) in my outfit every day. Not to say that wearing all black isn’t okay, because it definitely is. I have ensembles that have no colour in them at all, but you want to make sure that you mix it up a bit. Accessories play a huge role with this tip…if you want to maintain your conservative look, but not be washed out, add coloured accessories and you are set!

I hope those tips helped a bit when picking out your wardrobe for the private sector. Although I love the professional look, I love to be fun and wear prints and wacky colours, but you don’t want to be too wacky in a work setting. You want to keep it fun, but keep it professional at the same time. People need to take you seriously when you are talking business…dress to impress! I pulled some looks off Pinterest to inspire, check them out:









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