Closet Organization 101: Drab to Fab


When it comes to storing clothing, you must be smart! We would all love to have a closet the size of our bedrooms, but for most people, that is not a reality. Over the years, I have accumulated many articles of clothing and unfortunately, my closet was suffering, which was evident by the bar beginning to bend from the heavy weight. It was at that moment that I realized…it was time to re-organize.

Re-organizing truly is a pain…it’s a huge project and you really need to clear a day or two when you know you will have the time to finish what you start. Last week, I hopped on Pinterest and went pin-crazy for all things closet organization which led me to my ultimate design. This past weekend was the perfect weekend to set my plan in motion. With the help of my Dad and left over cabinets, poles and screws around the house…we put together a closet for the low cost of $50.00!!

So how did I do this? I am going to give you the lowdown on making over your closet, step by step:

1. Research, research, research! 

If you aren’t on Pinterest, go set up an account now. You will not regret it. Before any big project, you have to know what you are getting yourself into. Not only do you need time, you need to know what you are doing and what you want the results to be.


2. Set a budget. 

Having someone come in and make-over your closet can cost you hundreds (maybe thousands) of dollars. You absolutely do not need to spend that much money on a closet (wouldn’t you rather spend it on clothing!?). Wal-Mart or any other large department/home organization store, sells pre-made kits and shelving. With that being said, this is not a $20.00 project. Be prepared to dish out a reasonable amount or use an old shelving unit and fashion your own “kit” (all you’ll need to go get is the hardware!) 

3. Choose your design. 

After sifting through Pinterest and setting your budget, you must choose the design to follow. You may find actual plans that you can download for free online, but don’t count on that. Use your imagination and think of how you can replicate your design idea with the things you have or can get for a good deal. Keep in mind that you need to choose a design that fits the space you have available to you in your closet. I have a double closet and it is reasonably deep, so I had a pretty fair amount of space to work with. The design I chose to replicate was one I found on Pinterest, of course:


4. Clear out the closet and get to work!

Once everything is cleared out of your closet, the relief is unreal. Not only is it satisfying, it is equally horrifying. Yes, your closet is clean…but your room will be a mess! The pile of clothing on my bed was scary, I contemplated if there would actually be enough space. If you have accounted for the amount of clothing you have in your design, you should be fine!


5. Organize, organize, organize! 

This is the fun part! Putting everything back! If you are doing this in one day or over the course of a weekend, space Step 4 and 5 out. Take a break in between because both are HUGE jobs. This one in particular, is where your organization skills come into play. This is your closet, so organize it the best way you see fit! I like grouping my clothing by colour and by type of clothing. Blouses stay together, coats stay together, dresses stay together…but that’s just me! Let your obsessive, hair-brain, OCD kick in and work towards the goal of a clean, organized, and beautiful closet! The finished product will be picture worthy!



Before: Not only was the bar bending, there was no space for shoes and space was not being maximized!

After: With the cubed shelves and double bars, space is maximized and the floor stays clean

My closet went from drab to fab in just one week! Hopefully, you will be able to use these steps to effectively maximize the space in your closet! You will not regret it (I sure don’t!). Below, I have included more shots of my new fab closet!


IMG_2659a  IMG_2660a


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