How to Wear a Blanket Scarf!

1/6/15 | Cowle Neck Shirt, Old Navy | Pants,  Old Navy | Boots, Sorel Footwear | Blanket Scarf, Garage Clothing | Watch, mark. by Avon | OutfitoftheDay_41/12/14 | Reindeer Crewneck, American Eagle Outfitters | Plaid Blanket Scarf, Garage | Boots, Sorel | Watch, mark. by Avon |

There are so many types of scarves out there that you can add to your collection of accessories, but one must-have, in my opinion, is the blanket scarf. You have your regular scarves, infinity scarves, but blanket scarves are limitless! You can even use it as a – can you guess? – a blanket! That’s how big they are. Cozy, warm and comfortable are only a few words to describe this must-have. They’re great with so many outfits too, and make a great statement alongside some high quality orthotic shoes for women. I’ve got some of my comfiest shoes on for these photos and they look great with the big, warm, cozy scarf! Blanket scarves are probably my favourite must-have of the season – especially because there are so many different ways to wear them…which is what I am going to show you today.

Classic and Simple…

The first way to wear them is the classic and simple way, fold one corner to the diagonal corner and cross the ends behind your head and bring them forward. Follow the below tutorial for further assistance (click the picture for a link to her blog). In my second and third photo (above), I usually wear my scarf this way. It keeps me nice and cozy. OutfitoftheDay_3

Belt it…

This is not a look I do too often, but I just got into it! To do this look, like shown in the photo below, drape the blanket scarf around your shoulders, forming a cape. Pull the ends over the front of you, crossing them (you don’t have to cross them) and then take a skinny belt and belt it over the end pieces hanging in the front. That way the scarf appears as a vest or a sweater and it looks cute! I find that this works really well when you want to pattern mix. As you can see, I have paired this plaid blanket scarf with a leopard print belt!

1/25/15 | Turtleneck, Old Navy | Blanket Scarf, Garage | Pearl Necklace, J Crew | Jeans, Kenneth Cole Reaction | Booties, Winners |

Wear a cape!

This is similar to the belted look, except minus the belt! If you drape the scarf over your shoulders and let it hang there, then it makes for a cozy and comfortable look that keeps you cozy! It resembles a poncho or a cape and it is so warm! This is a great way to wear it because it’s easy and can be thrown on in seconds!

Knot and Tie…

Some people like scarves to stay on so they are not fixing it all the time. Sometimes, that is the case. If I am wearing my scarf under a heavy coat, I want to make sure that pieces of it aren’t falling out and getting stuck in my coat zipper or moving around under my jacket, so I knot it. See the tutorial below to see how to tie a blanket scarf (I would make my own, but I didn’t have time…so here is an easy tutorial that I found).

There are many ways to wear a blanket scarf. I am constantly looking for new ways, but these are the ways that I use the most (particularly the first one for a more casual look). Blanket scarves are warm, cozy and comfortable and this scarf will always be my must-have, favourite scarf!


{First Photo: 1/6/15 | Shirt, Old Navy | Tan Pants, Old Navy | Boots, Sorel | Watch, mark. by Avon | Blanket Scarf, Garage | Bracelets, Icing |

Second Photo: 1/25/15 | Striped Turtleneck, Old Navy | Blanket Scarf, Garage | Booties, Winners | Jeans, Kenneth Cole Reaction |

Third Photo: 1/12/15 | Reindeer Sweatshirt, American Eagle Outfitters | Boots, Sorel | Blanket Scarf, Garage | Watch, mark. by Avon |

Fourth Photo: **Not my photo** | Link: |

Fifth Photo: 1/25/15 | Striped Turtleneck, Old Navy | Blanket Scarf, Garage | Jeans, Kenneth Cole Reaction | Booties, Winners | Bracelets, Icing | Watch, mark. by Avon |

Sixth Photo: 1/25/15 | Striped Turtleneck, Old Navy | Blanket Scarf, Garage | Jeans, Kenneth Cole Reaction | Booties, Winners | Bracelets, Icing | Watch, mark. by Avon | Pearl Necklace, J Crew |

Seventh Photo: **Not my photo** | Link: | }



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